Somaliland: Somalia Parliament Revokes DP World Berbera Port Contract


Somalilandsun- The hand picked parliament of the lame duck federal government of Somalia has signed a bill that bans the Dubai based multinational DP World from operating in Somaliland and Puntland.
At a session in Mogadishu members of the Somali lower House of Parliament forfeited all agreements reached between the DP World and the government of Somaliland as well as that of its regional administration in East, Puntland.

Article 1 of The Somalia legislature approved bill states that any agreement reached by any foreign governments, multinationals or parastatals that goes against the constitution of the federal republic of Somalia is null and void.
Article 2 of the bill confirms that the agreement reached by DP World with the Somaliland and Puntland governments contravenes the laws of the country, Somalia, and in this respect is revoked without notice, because it goes against the constitution and the laws governing foreign investments.
The house had a quorum, hence of the 170 MPs present 168 voted to support the motion while 1 voter opposed the motion and one abstained.
This comes following Somaliland and Puntland governments signing deals with DP World, in which having not given consent, the Somalia federal government thence revokes the two contracts.

Somalia Parliament Revokes DP World Berbera Port Contract

Earlier on the president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi in a strong worded statement warned the Somalia’s young PM Mr.Hassan Ali Khayre from interfering in Somaliland Sovereignty or else he will declare war.
Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991 and has since build a democratic government.
By Guleid Abdi Maher

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  1. America under Obama did Somaliland a great injustice when it afforded Mogadishu official recognition as “gov of Somalia” by which it also meant Somaliland.

    George W. Bush in that respect was much more fair to Somalis since he refused to take sides and instead pushed his “Dual-Track” policy which he said would be in place untill Somaliland and Somalia themselves came to an agreement.

    Obama for his many achievements has in the Somali political theater done a great injustice to Somaliland and America has injured Somaliland to the benefit of its enemies for no justifiable reasons, it was in Somalia that American soldiers got killed,not Somaliland.

    Be it as it may, nevertheless the Republic of Somaliland keeps fighting Somalia against the odds and longinly looking to a new George W. Bush in America who will undo the great American injustice that was siding with warlord Somalia against peaceful democratic Somaliland. Why America under president Obama chose to harm and punish our little country Somaliland remains a mystery to this day.

  2. Somaliland is NOT Somalia. The parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia has jurisdiction over the territory of Somalia. The parliament of the Republic of Somaliland has jurisdiction over the territories of Somaliland. The Republic of Somaliland is a separate country with its own parliament, flag, currency , army and elected president. It has been having dealings freely with the other countries for the past 28 years. The Somalia leadership lacks integrity and honesty. They are lying to themselves and to their own people. Their lies and arrogant actions are testament of their hypocrisy, dishonesty and lack of integrity and is used as a diversion to cover their failures in securing Somalia their country. Let us pray for them that they see the light.

  3. Cinwaankan waxa qoray cadowga Somaliland. Waxana ay ku faafiyen websiteska Somaliland sida kan oo kale.

    Tani waxa ay muujinaysa aqoonlanta iyo garasho xumada saxafiyiinta Somaliland. Hada miyay uu muuqan wayday in cadowga Somaliland qoray artikle-kan?

    Somalia parliament revokes ??? Somalia can not revoke anything in Somaliland, therefore this article is written by enemies of Somaliland.

    Somalia will perish in flames for its war on Somaliland. That is a promise.

    • I don’t think America’s or president Obama’s intentions were to harm the Republic of Somaliland or to side with Somalia against Republic of Somaliland rather I think US policy makers could have had intentions more to do with other international actors when they decided to accord Mogadishu, Somalia, status as government of Somalia.

      I am not fully immersed in the topic but those are my two cents on the issue.