Somaliland: Somalia Organized Anti-UAE Military base Demos in London , Eng Deyr


Says the Somaliland presidential spokesperson as he conveys Government congratulations to British Somalilanders on Refusal to Participate in Anti-UAE Military Demonstrations in London

Somaliland presidential spokes person Hussein Aden Eggeh Deyr

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Somalilanders in the British Diaspora have proven political maturity and love of their home origin country
This was stated by the Spokesperson of the Somaliland presidency Eng Hussein Aden Egge “Hussein Deyr” in a letter submitted to the Dawan media group congratulating the British Somalilanders for refusal to participate in the protests against award of a UAE Military base in Berbera that were held by scores of people outside the UAE embassy in London last Thursday.
Terming the appearance of a score of People for the demonstrations that was visibly a massive failure from the planned attendance by thousands as. Result of absence by country loving Somalilanders, Eng Hussein Deyr said that the few that participated were mostly from Somalia complimented by a few Somalilanders with Somaliweine beliefs.
“On behalf of the president of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo and his administration, I hereby congratulate all British Somalilanders for their show of love to country and political maturity that l d them to abstain from the demonstrations”
Revealing that the protests had nothing to do with real issues pertaining to the award of the military base since the demonstration was organized by the Somalia embassy in London together with a few traitorous Somalilanders under direction from the Somalia federal Government in Mogadishu.
“With the negative reception to the protest accorded by British Somalilanders maybe the Somalia authorities shall have learned a lesson to the fact that it is impossible to coerce our citizens to perform acts detrimental to Somaliland” said Eng Hussein Deyr
On continuous interference in issues internal to Somaliland from the authorities in Mogadishu, ore so the award of the military base to Berbera, the spokesperson said that the only result possible from such is embarrassment for Somalia since the deal was entered upon by an elected government and approved by an elected legislature.
“Why would president Farmajo of Somalia be more worried about the fate of Berbera which is not in his jurisdiction presumably more than the elected leader of Somaliland who has the mandate from residents? Quipped the presidential spokesperson while warning that the weak government in Mogadishu is utilizing a few self-seeking citizens for acts of treason against their country Somaliland.
“The Somalia government would cease to interfere on internal Somaliland issues if denied services of traitorous citizens, who are paid by Mogadishu to malign and debase their country especially with international forums.
Urging all citizens to emulate the example set by British Somalilanders in their refusal to participate in the Somalia organized demonstrations outside the UAE embassy London, Eng Hussein Deyr went on to stress on the fact that absence of any Somalilander in the government corridors in Mogadishu would completely seal the fate of interference
When will authorities in neighbouring Somalia come to grasp with the fact that the now 25 years Somaliland withdrawal from its voluntary 1960 later turned fateful union with Somalia is a forgone conclusion” queried eng Deyr
Adding that rather than continued fixation with Somaliland which has managed to secure peaceful coexistence, development and democratization without being recognized as a sovereign country internationally, Somalia should fix it own house first thence come per with Somaliland before any other.
On the other hand demonstrators undertook the the protest demonstrations outside the UAE embassy in London where they showed their rejection of the military base as well as objection to interferences from Somalia on issues internal to Somaliland.
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