Somaliland: Guurti Select Committee Tasked With Extension of Tenure


Guurti chair Suleiman Aden appoints 22 member elders committee to deceive on extension of term for the Somaliland president

By: M. A.  Egge

The long awaited sensitive motion expected to be debated by the Guurti concerning the extension of the tenure of the administration went into high gear yesterday when as expected the Speaker of the Upper House Hon. Suleiman MohamoudAdan announced a 21 member select committee who have been charged with the task of reviewing the request of postponing the General Elections by six months to 10th of October 2017.

Hon. Suleiman informed the House that the team would take two days to ponder upon the matter and make their recommendations thereafter hence table it to the House to be debated upon.

He further told them that what was to be considered was the fact that the President had notified the House that the six month period to be extended was reached upon hence agreed by the major stakeholders, thus the ruling party and both official opposition parties.

The members selected for the task are to be headed by the Deputy Guurti Speaker Hon. Said Jama Ali.

The other members are:

2. Sultan Ismail Sultan Abdirahman

3. MohamoudHashiGobe

4. AwilOsmanMohamoud

5. Ahmed Noor Aw Ali

6. HajiAbdikarin Hussein

7. Abdikadir Mohamed Hassan

8. Daib Hassan Ahmed

9. AbdiqadirQawdhan

10. Said AbdillahiAskar

11. HirsiIsseJama

12. Abdiaziz Mohamed Gaahnuug

13. Muhumed Aw Ahmed

14. Musa HajiAbdioDuale

15. Musa Aw Ibrahim

16. NoorDigaleKheyre

17.  AwilHussein  Ahmed

18. Ahmed  AdanJirde

19. HajiAbdirahmanOsman

20. Yusuf AbdillahiAwale

21. Said Haji Hussein

Elders of the confirmed to our sister paper on Friday night that the select committee would be formed.

The extension comes about as a result of widespread drought and famine that has hit the country hence have displaced more than a half a million families.