Somaliland: Somalia Authorities Clamp Down Websites with Links to Terrorist Journalist Alasow


Promotion of Immorality like here pictured led to closureof the sites linked to Alasow

Somaliland sun – The Attorney General’s office of Somalia ordered an Internet shutdown affecting websites that are either owned, supported or under the influence of Dahir Abdulle Alasaw – a notorious media ‘pirate’ whose version of journalism is motivated by blackmail and coercion of Somali people of high repute and businesses, accusing it, among others, of ‘immoral’ coverage.

“This office orders that  and other websites (on list) be closed until the on-going investigation is concluded,” the Acting Attorney General, Dr. Mohamoud Abdi Haji, said in a letter addressed to the Somalia Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication.

The letter marked as XXIG/34/2015 of 08/11/2015, states that a number of complaints have reached the Attorney General’s office charging the websites of falsely covering immoral and defamatory issues ‘targeting reputed personalities among society’, and of obsessively publishing false information about Somalis accusing them of Christianization activities.

The Attorney General’s office urges the ministry to undertake an exhaustive investigation of concerns raised of these websites headed by  and expediently act on its findings in order to preempt retaliatory/criminal activities against said perpetrators on the part of the wronged parties.

The notorious Dahir Alasaw was accepted in Netherlands as a refugee on the claiming that the Islamic Courts, where he cooked for their armed units, ‘put a bounty’ on his head ‘after they discovered’ he was gay, and that he had no family to protect him as he ‘had no known family members’ of his.

Dahir, a former shoe-shine boy from 1984 to 1990, is not the son of Abdulle Alasaw, at all, people who know him state. His true father is called Mohamed Hassan of the Marrehan clan. His pregnant mother, the story goes, married Abdulle Alasaw, a close relative of hers of the Sa’ad clan, to hide her shame.

His actual father admitted in 1990 that he, in fact, sired this shoe shine boy but the Sa’ad clan refused him the privilege.

The rest of his history as an assistant cook, a checkpoint killer and an ex-adult school goer in the late 90s is well known: / .

Dahir, to confuse the issue, invented a long clan lineage of his recently and put it on YouTube.

He, with his rudimentary grasp of elementary literacy, started to blackmail and defame people in high station and businesses to support his travel as well as alcoholic and gay habits.

He had also started a network to feed him tidbits and photos of potential victims on which he bases his largely unfounded, defamatory accusations that are a scar and an indelible shameful smear on freedom of the press and human decency.

The Attorney General released an advance list of Alasaw websites and acolytes to be affected immediately as below:

The closure order of the Attorney General’s office was as below:

Alasaw’s reaction to the AG’s order was typical. He, as usual, blamed everybody but himself. His Facebook post is full of the usual drivel and clan obsession. He continues promising himself the skies, too.

Below is what he had posted of this new development against him, and the pariah he has become in the eyes of the Somali society.

By Mohamed Somali,

Mogadishu, Somalia