Somaliland: Kulmiye Party Central Committee Elects Presidential Candidates


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – The ruling party Kulmiye has finally held their controversial executive committee meeting at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa. Presidential and vice –presidential flag bearer for the party in the April 2017 elections were elected. The party incumbent chairman Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi who was vying for the party ticket for president was elected unopposed after three candidates seeking the post threw in the towel at the eleventh hour and decided not to contest the election which they claimed was a sham.

On the other hand current vice-president Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli fought it out with youthful minister of health Mr. Suleiman Isse Haglatosie .

Muse Behi Elected to vie for the Somaliand presidency on a Kulmiye party ticket

Party chairman Mr. Musa Behi Abdi was elected after 344 executive committee delegates voted for him 14 delegates opposed him while 7 did not cast their votes hence he automatically becomes the Kulmiye presidential candidate for the 2017 general election.

Meanwhile vice president Mr. Abdirahman received 230 votes while his challenger Mr. Haglatosie got 114 votes thus the vice-president will represent Kulmiye again in 2017 in this respect he wins the upcoming elections he will be the first candidate to serve under two presidents since the Somaliland restored her independence in1991.

Satisified by his VP slot Kulmiye party elects Sayli to vie for his current office in 2017

The health minister congratulated both candidates after the results were announced he however advised the president to change the way elections are held within the party circles in the future reiterating that Somaliland unity is un-shakable acknowledging that he is still an amateur in politics.

At the meeting’s opening president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo who was elected on a Kulmiye party ticket in 2010 publicly stated his one term wish thence will not vie for a second term which in effect paved the way for Muse Behi.

Somaliland as a nation lost with the denial of Haglatosie by Kulmiye

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