Somaliland: What is the State of Energy Access in the Regions that Qorax works in?


qorax energy design powering rural areas in somaliland

Somaliland sun – In Somaliland and Somalia, 90% of the population has no or sporadic access to electricity. People in rural areas typically use kerosene lanterns or flashlights with non-rechargeable batteries. To charge their phones – an essential household item in an area that largely depends on mobile money platforms – people pay high rates with An average villager spends $3 on lighting and charging per week, though they might earn only $12 per week.

On the other hand Qorax gives families in overlooked countries the ability to choose solar for their homes and to pay for it affordably over time. We’re reducing family energy expenditure to reasonable levels that are in line with the Global North. In the process, we’re also creating local, long-term jobs in a global growth industry.

This was informed by the managing partners of Qorax (pronounced “ko-rah”), a solar asset financing and distribution company that enables access to electricity services in Somaliland, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), working through their local partners Enersom and ALTech during an interview with the energycollective

What is the state of energy access like in the regions that Qorax works in among them Somaliland

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