Somaliland: Sinley Poetry Series


Somalilandsun – The Sinleys are works of master-piece poetry which are basically not odes but are indeed short poems. These songs of series of poems have been collated well by Mr. Yusuf Osman Shair recently. First of all I would like to give my thanks to the author of this literacy poetry collection. The first poem inside the story of the ‘Derial’ poetry and sayings, were written, by Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadrawi). The topic of this serial poetry articles, were discussed connecting people, time and places. The writers had been working or residing in different places. The referee of this literary works of written texts by Mr. Hadraawi and his tean were in Lafole College. The writer of the second poem of Sinley chain of poems was, in Djibouti, while writing his song at that time. Other participant poets, like Ali Sugulle had been in Mogadishu during that period while some were staying in Burao . The authors of poetry language usually use imaging, and figurative devices. For understanding purpose the readers of such poetry must think and read efficiently every phrase structure and word by word of each poem. Only by reading each line and every stanza of a poem would one be able to understand the imaginative meaning of a poetical language. Most avid readers of poetry are naturally critical ones. They critically examine the ideas. They often ask questions and draw connections between the authors’ idea and their own experience and knowledge. Certain questions of reading such serial poems include. – Who is the author of this poem? – What was the intention of the writer while writing poem? – Who is the intended audience? First all, the reader has to survey by pausing to read the main topic of each poem. Thus, you might understand about the setting, central theme, the actors, and the characters of the story in the poem, for example, the speaker of the first poem is the writer (in disguise). The topic or a title for instance ‘Saharla’- a name of a pretty lady in Somali culture is quite characteristically descriptive meaning ‘without blemish’. Another poem is given a main topic title namely ‘Suuban’- a famous name in Somali- for nice lady in behavior attitude. Other topical poems and works include, Saga and so on. Such names stand for a symbiotic object. The writer of each poem expresses his/her impression by arguing to draw a picture, according to his imagination. My view on writing a summary about the passages of these serial poems is to exhibit the fair objective of the main writers of this poetry collection. Thus; I will attempt to identify the important ideas, and in formation concept about the poem, as well as by reframing the meaning of this imaginative writing text in my own words. When writing my summary, I wish to give assumptions, the writers’ ideas, arguments and findings of conclusive assessments. With an independent mind, my summary in a single sentence adjudging the first song of the Sinley poem of the blemish-less lady below is;- Saharla’ –an ironic political symbol for military dictatorship regime of Mohammed Siad Barre. The second topic of (Suuban) is thus, again sarcastically denoting freedom struggle of Djibouti independence against the French colonial operation. By: Prof Dahir Mahmud Haddi Assessment comment and evidence for my opinion coming soon.