Somaliland: The Abdiweli Gas Presidency Leads Somalia’s Puntland Region to an Abyss


Somalilandsun – In January 2014, when the parliament in Garowe selected Abdiwali Gaas as the new president and the leader of Puntland a semi autonomous region in Somalia located in northeast, many scholars and Somali intellectuals welcomed him, and their expectations were too high since he has a Ph.D. in economics and development and educated from the world’s best schools.

Since then Members of Puntland parliament, senior security leaders, ING workers, civil servants, clan elders and peacemakers had been murdered in Puntland by unknown gunmen and Al-Shabab respectively.

Under Gas insecurity in Puntland has gone out of control

Though his slogan was to fight corruption and unemployment, fight extremism, build government institutions, reconcile  Puntland clan elders and tribes, bring back all territories of Puntland,  all the above  have failed and the region has  recorded one of the worst time and insecurity has been raised to the highest level not to mention that  Al-Shabab has captured for first-time lands in Puntland, argues  Yusuf Aden Ahmed an Academic, and Social Activist who has Major M.A Peace and Security in a  piece titled Somalia: Puntland’s Failure under Gaas Leadership