Somaliland: Guurti criticizes Somalia’s Parliament for Interfering in Local Affairs


Somalilandsun – The upper house of Somaliland parliament has come out strongly to defend the government for signing of a tripartite agreement with the UAE and Ethiopia. The agreement pertains the management of Berbera International Port by Dubai based multinational DP World.

The Guurti confirmed that the Somalia government had gravely intimidated the sovereignty of Somaliland with her constant inferences in her internal affairs.

This information reached The Horn Tribune newspaper from journalist Khadar Mohamed Hashi of Dawan Media Group.

In a special session called by the senate speaker Hon.Suleiman Mohammud Adan alias (Suleiman Noor) whereby the quorum of legislators present passed  a motion  in support of the DP World agreement with the Somaliland government.

Guurti speaker Hon.Suleiman Mohammud Adan at a presser in his hargeisa chambers

The speaker of the senate stated that whoever came against the agreement will be viewed as treasonous against the Democratic Republic of Somaliland.

The upper house of parliament session was occasioned by 56 senators, whereby they all voted to support the tripartite agreement between Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia to develop the Berbera Port and tarmac the Wajale to Berbera highway.

The Senate used strong worded statement to reprimand the Somalia government and parliament from interfering in Somaliland affairs.

It also forwarded official letters of complaint to the UN Security Council, the AU, the Arab league and IGAD to warn them of the unbecoming behaviour by the Somalia government to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations in the greater Horn of Africa region.

The upper house of representatives passed this motion following Monday last week move by Somalia parliament to pass a bogus motion cancelling the tripartite agreement Somaliland signed with her development partners.

In another development the secretary general of the senate Hon.Abdinassir Adan Beegsi read a statement in front of the house to confirm the senate deliberations.

Seventeen point deliberations were announced they are as follows:

-The senate has decided to put into account the independence and sovereignty of the republic of Somaliland and protection of her constitution into perspective.

-The constant interference of the Somalia’s government in Somaliland internal affairs has become a thorn in the flesh of our aspiration to self govern our affairs.

-In reference to Somaliland constitution article 1, 2,10,11,37 and 53 about republic of Somaliland her sovereignty and international relations.

Somaliland Guurti criticizes Somalia’s Parliament for Interfering in Local Affairs

Upper house has deliberated the following……

  1. Independence, Unity and Borders of the Republic of Somaliland is nonnegotiable.
  2. The senate condemns with the strongest words possible of the naked interference of Somaliland internal affairs by the Somalia parliament and government. This concerns the signing of the tripartite agreement between Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia to invest in Berbera Port.
  3. The upper house confidently following the power bestowed on her by the constitution supports any entity that is ready to explore, invest, job create and improve the general wellbeing of her citizens.
  4. The senate has decided that any person or people who are found to be cooperating with the Somalia government to undermine Somaliland Independence will be viewed as treasonous.
  5. The house passed another motion on 19.8.2016 with 69 votes in support of DP World investment in the country.
  6. The upper House of Representatives send a strong message to the UN Security Council, AU, Arab league, IGAD and Somaliland democratization stakeholders to be wary of Somalia’s government kindling of fire in the Horn of Africa region.
  7. The house urges Somaliland nationals, her armed forces and police to be on the lookout of any would be a threat to the peace and stability of their motherland.

By:Guleid Abdi Mahir