Somaliland: The DP World Berbera Port Treaty is binding and here to stay says President Musa Behi


Somalilandsun-  the Head of State has revealed that the agreement between SL and DP World’s take-over of Berbera Port management has become even more fruitful since the port institution has pledged to jump-start their investiture plans with construction of the extra 800m of harbor.

The revelations were contained in a moving and patriotic speech that the President addressed to the Somaliland Diaspora community in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, yesterday.

In a half-hour eloquent speech the he gave, the president dwelt on matters pertaining to the need of having unity, solidarity, togetherness and trustworthiness, such that a populace and a nation as such, would make development and progress.

Flanked by senior officials President Musa Behi addresses Somaliland citizens resident in the UAE

He hailed the country’s opposition parties for depicting patriotism as per cue in the hours of need, scoffed at Somalia’s political naivety and appealed for the fight against vice and tribalism.

“Our people are now more united than ever given that the political differences catalyzed by the electioneering processes are now over and they now emit solidarity”, the President told a large packed hall of enthusiastic audience about the situation back here at home.

He noted that given the need for international political alliances in the changing political world climates, the President said that SL was justified to join the Saudi-led GCC coalition which has UAE and most Arab countries on its side.

“Most of our mega co-corporations were nurtured in the UAE and our livestock are traditionally imported by the Saudis”, he said, adding that, “each country therefore takes care of her own interests”.

He pointed out the fact that SL’s treaty with the UAE’s Dubai Port World was based on the reason that they agreed to build a major carriage-way from Berbera to the frontier town of Togwajaale (otherwise dubbed Berbera corridor) on top of building a second harbor, and a third through accrued finances from the second 400m one, as opposed to competing investors.

“But the DP World’s Chief executive have already pledged that they would start with both (800m long harbor terminals) right away”, said the President and by thus revealing the new DP World’s commitment to jump-start developmental aspects at Berbera port.

“Our need is for us to achieve our aims and objectives as a nation and this can only be realized through unity and togetherness”, said the President.

Somaliland citizens resident in the UAE at the meet with President Musa Behi in Dubai

He told the happy and hilarious audience that that political parties have shown a new hope for Somalilanders by toeing patriotic lines that are in tandem with the needs and wishes of the nation and the people.

“Both parties supported the government to the hilt given the recent incursions (by Somalia) at Tukaraq and also the Berbera port issue which (Somalia) indulged into hence depicting total patriotic unity in defense of the nation”, beamed the President.

Somalia political hierarchy from their President to their parliaments vehemently opposed the Berbera Port deal while claiming SL as being her territory!

“Theirs is mere talks for the truth and facts is known hence does not demand rhetoric”, the President said scoffing at Somalia claims and termed them as naives.

He also revealed that top SL officials would visit the UAE to kick-start the agreements.

“The four service commanders, ministers for livestock and postal telecommunication and the banking chief will be on the plane immediately to discuss technical aspects of bilateral relations”, said the president.

The said officials have already been reported to have jetted out of the country yesterday evening.

He said given that the UAE were interested in the Berbera port and also a military airbase, he said that he put it to them (the UAE) the need of recognizing SL for the cementing of further relations.

He also said that he asked the emirates government to equally the Somaliland passport for eave of movement, and added that he expects positive responses from his hosts who officially invited him and his delegation.

Amongst ministers with him in the UAE are those of the foreign affairs, water development, planning, investments and also UCID opposition leader Feisal Ali Hussein.

Somaliland service commanders

The trip was made at a time the Berbera Port upgrading plans with DP World take-over has generated a lot of un-binding and baseless opposition from Somalia coaxing Somalilanders to demonstrate countrywide in defense of her sovereignty.

In a recent twist of fate the DP World came to Somaliland’s defense in arguing for this country’s rights to enter its own commercial agreement independently.



  1. we need more reforms and regulation ! There lots of problem in trans portion sector !How income will grow joining inter boarders business while still in union organization for trans portion ! its wonders and divulge, the ministry of transport should resign Asap . Hon president nobody will come for investment when your internal reforms are not performing . Hon should deal internal affairs thats major agenda , its surprised all saving and invest to buy trucks ! yet unknown person controlling my property pays me the time he wants as if his shareholder ! wlcm Somaliland .