Somaliland: SFG Intensifies anti-SL Sovereignty Activities


L R traitors Ali Khalif Galayd, Abdisamed Nageeye and Mohamed Yusuf Jama Indosheel at an anti Somaliland statehood meeting in Mogadishu

By: Yusuf M Hasan
MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – Extensive plans to undermine the sovereignty of Somaliland within international circles are afoot in Mogadishu, the administrative seat of the Somalia Federal Government-SFG
Formerly covert the machinations fronted financially and material by the SFG went overt at a meeting at the Sayid hotel in Mogadishu where some politicians of Somaliland origin but owing allegiance to a greater Somalia union made arrangements to start character assassinating the Hargeisa administration internationally.
Participants at the Sayid hotel meeting who were all from East Sanaag and Sool regions with a sprinkling from Awdal in the west of Somaliland were led by Khatumoist secessionists Prof Ali Khalif Galayd and Mohamed Yusuf Jama ‘Indosheel’ as well as Awdalite Abdisamed Nageeye.
Despite fulfilling SFG contractual arrangements related to coming up with strategies to mar the image of Somaliland within international circles more specifically when the yet to recognized country is embroiled in election dates dispute the meeting also resulted in negative sentiments directed at its sponsor.
The SFG which has been in relentless campaigns to jeopardize international sanctioned talks between the two countries geared towards establishing a mutually acceptable and peaceful formula for separation.
Somaliland a former British protectorate which remains unrecognized internationally as a sovereignty state 24 years after pulling out of its voluntary later turned fateful union with Italian –Somalia pulled out of the latest talks hosted by Turkey due to various infringements on guidelines by the SFG.

A few Somaliland traitors at the Sayid hotel meeting in Mogadishu
With most of those at Sayid Hotel having spent over 20 years in Mogadishu in pursuit of anti-Somaliland sovereignty activities, sentiments expressed in unionism indicated dissatisfaction with treatment accorded by their host government and people.
The authorities in Somaliland, who are yet to comment on the overt machinations, recently warned of dire consequences impacting the entire Horn of Africa region if an on training 3000 strong special force in Garowe is deployed within its territorial jurisdiction to foment trouble as planned by the SFG.
At the same time it is worthy to mention that citizens of Somaliland who are getting tired of never ending disruption of prevalent co-existence among its numerous communities fronted by the SFG in the guise of Khatumo and Awdal states’ secession that include armed skirmishes with loss of life and injuries now coupled with plans to deploy special forces in their borders and now the new scheme targeting foreign friendly governments in a bid to distort their unanimously decided sovereignty are at a tether having exhausted patience and resilience.