Somaliland: Political Egos Bray for Sustenance, at any Cost


in Somaliland politically induced protest demonstrations usually concluded with grief/file

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – As is usual whenever political big shots disagree on whatever issues it is always the common man who ends up the sacrificial lamb.
Therefore if circulating rumors of planned demonstrations by Wadani political party supporters Vis ‘a’ Vis the discernible heightened security alert then as usual in such circumstances confrontations shall conclude with civilian death/s and injuries.
With prevalent situation that has lots of quarters staring hard to see how the election dates drama unfolds the rumoured polls related protest demonstrations that are surely attract the attention of law enforcement agencies since they are not licensed, the outcome bodes ill for Somaliland.
With this in mind, one wonders, has it become cultural to spill human blood whenever slight political differences occur?
Or maybe this is another gimmick to intended to crease a semblance of grave national nature thus shelve allocation of election dates?
Unfortunately whatever action and reaction induced by political egos with imaginary injuries to ambitions of constitutional authority to be top honcho, it is the ordinary citizen of Somaliland who will pay the ultimate cost, with blood and tears thence sustenance of bloated political egos’
So let all pursue normal activities and more the politicians, at their respective offices, who were put there by votes for solely one thing and one thing alone, to defend and protect “AT WHATEVER COST” the Sovereignty and constitution of Somaliland
Finally as we urge saner minds to prevail, it is conclusively obvious that in Somaliland political prowess belongs to those adept at winning battles and losing the war.