Somaliland: SFG Hires Warlord to Destabilize Puntland as Suicide Bomber Claims Bosaso Police Commander


SFG hires Warlord Qaybdiid to destabilize its regional administration of Puntland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The recent Puntland declaration of withdrawal from active participation in the Somalia federal Government-SFG has irked the Mogadishu authorities to action.
According to reports emanating from Villa Somalia, the official Mogadishu residence and office of SFG president Hasan Sheikh Mahmud, the internationally propped but Al-Shabaab besieged government has hired a to reckon with for profit warlord to raise mayhem for the now errant regional administration in Garowe.
“Warlord Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdiid, AKA Abdi Qeybdiid” has been contracted to invade Puntland with the objective of dislodging the current regional administration of president Gas from power” informed our villa Somalia source.
The ire of the SFG leading to the financing of a civil war in Puntland emanate from the withdrawal of Puntland from any cooperation or partnership with the Somalia Federal Government after it, SFG, facilitated and endorsed the establishment a new Somalia central regional administration to join the SFG.
According to the revanchist authorities of Puntland new central administration whose jurisdiction encompasses areas under Garowe among them Galgadud and Mudug is not only illegal but unconstitutional but goes against the successfully implementation of the provisional Somalia Constitution as well.
Threatening severe consequences against the implementation of the central state administration the Puntland president said, “The dire consequences that shall result from the establishment of the new administration are solely the responsibility of the Mogadishu based federal authorities”
Though Puntland is known for never ending petty disputes with the SFG and its Transitional Federal Government-TFG predecessor , the current declaration, first for the Abdiweli Gas administration, has raised fears within SFG circles after Mogadishu based legislators representing Garowe adhered to an order to decamp back home.
Warlord Abdi Qeybdiid a former unelected president of Galmudug state accepted the hefty SFG destabilization contract initially proposed to and rejected by General Yusuf Mohamed Siyad Indhacade who despite the large contract amount is reported to be in favour of peaceful resolution of any conflicts especially for the long suffering people of Galmudug.
The Qeybdiid contract which is aimed at creating discord among the Hawiye and Majerteen clans inhabiting Puntland and more specifically the clan divided Galkayo town is set to be launched with an onslaught at the Galkayo airport as soon as Villa Somalia completes the handover of weapons to the profiteer.

After suicide bomber attack wreckage of the car drivn by the deceased Puntland police officer
According to our sources the strategize proposed by the profiteer warlord Qeybdiid who is most remembered for the massive human rights abuses committed in Kismayo during the prolonged civil war in Somalia are to be spearheaded through weakening of Puntland security forces and more specifically police and related intelligence departments.
While no connection has yet been established two senior Puntland police officers have just been assassinated while others in their entourage received grievous bodily injuries in a daring attack perpetrated by a lone suicide bomber in Bosaso.
The deaths of Abdirahman Ali Abbas the Puntland eastern regional police commander based in Bosaso and his compatriot at the Revenue security occurred after a lone suicide bomber exploded himself up gaining close proximity to the convoy of the two security officers in Bosaso on Monday the 4th August.
Though no organization, read Al-Shabaab, has claimed assassination responsibility, the targeting of late Abbas who was one of the most skilled intelligence officers within the Puntland administration where he headed airport security before transfer to the eastern police command following the killing of UN workers at Galkayo airport, is cause for worry as pertains to the Warlord Abdi Qeybdiid SFG awarded destabilization in the revanchist Somalia administrative region of Puntland.
As for Somalilanders who though desirous for peaceful co-existence with their neighbours, it is good news about any difficulties encountered by Puntland which is the main Achilles tendon of Somaliland where it has continuously claimed areas within jurisdiction of the Hargeisa administration through the establishment of clan militia groups formed and funded by Garowe.
While all is said and done it is incumbent upon the international community, mainly the US and UK governments as well as the UN and EU that prop the weak and people unfriendly SFG government, to investigate the Qeybdiid contract and assassination of Abbas before things run out of hand thence resulting in fresh conflict in the war-torn and failed state of Somalia