Somaliland: JOB OPPORTUNITY: Somali Transcriber (Native Speaker)


Somalilandsun – Appen, an international language technology solutions and consulting firm, is looking for individuals who are native Somali speakers residing in Kenya for a transcription project.

Position Summary:
Appen is looking for native speakers of Somali residing in Kenya for a transcription project.

Key Responsibilities:
The main task will involve listening to audio recordings in Somali speech and typing out what is said or fixing the given Somali text to match the audio. Work is on a flexible basis with minimum availability of 10 hours per week.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Must be a native speaker of Somali (as spoken in Somalia)
• Must be currently residing in Kenya
• Must have the ability to follow complex instructions
• Must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
• Must have good spelling skills

If this is something that you qualify for, or perhaps you have a friend to refer, please view the complete Somali transcriber job description and apply at: 

After you apply in the recruitment platform, please go to  and register anew; then complete the Somali Spelling Test as the first step to assess your qualification.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the links, please send an e-mail to

About Appen:
Appen develops high quality speech and language technology solutions namely used in car navigation systems, mobile phones, word processing packages, directory assistance, speaker verification tools and hand-held machine translation devices. Our staff comprises Linguists, IT professionals and Project Managers who collaborate to produce quality work in over 100 different languages for many of the world’s leading companies.