Somaliland: Sanaag Toxic Waste Cylinder Engraving Unveiled


KM TTB GROUP engraved toxix waste cylinder washed ashore Harsho port in Erigavo Somaliland pic by M Boss

Somalilandsun – The cylinder that surfaced in Harsho port in Erigavo carries and ID engraved on its side reading: KM TTB GROUP.

According to a report by Mo Ali of who obtained pictures of the engraved cylinder from local businessman Mohamed Boss “people living in the area are at risk since the cylinder washed onshore by the recent cyclones and waves could contain hazardous materials”

The first trumpet to the imminent disaster to citizens that the unknown container poses was raised by Councillor Qamar Taleeh of the Erigavo local council as she appealed to the Somaliland central government and international community for expediated damage control support.

Despite a direct briefing and appeal to government by businessman M Boss during a meeting with the ministers of Interior, Environment and fisheries respectively in Erigavo town and the urgency of the matter nothing and nothing at all has taken place.

With Cracks visible on the suspected Toxic waste cylinder the caution by Councillor Qamar Taleeh- inset- is realThat is,  the Sanaag toxic waste issue has landed on deaf ears thus awaiting  a disaster of magnitude before action, unfortunately we are very ADEPT at REACTING to Events as opposed to having control, at our grip but un-utilized.

Meanwhile we have been unable to uncover the KM TTB GROUP cipher and neither has our internet search revealed any known company of the exact name engaged in Shipping, Waste disposal or such.

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