Somaliland: Mogadishu Journalists Assassinations Leaves Seven Orphaned


late journlist Hindiyo Mohamed Jama who died after an explosive device attached under her car went off in Mogadishu Somalia

Somalilandsun – “Our thoughts go to her family, especially the seven children who have now lost both of their parents.

The commiseration was extended by Jim Boumelha, International Federation of Journalists- IFJ president in a statement condemning the murder of a female journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed who worked for the Somali national TV station (SNTV) and Radio Mogadishu.

The Slain Hindiyo and mother to seven now orphaned children was the wife of another Mogadishu assassinated journalist Liban Ali Nur, who was killed on 20 September 2012 in a suicide attack on a restaurant in Mogadishu.

The late Hindiyo succumbed in hospital to wounds inflicted after an explosive device attached under her car went off.

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