Somaliland: Sanaag Residents in Increased Demand for Attention of Governor Ramah


Sanaag Residents await services of Govenor Ramah outside regional office in Erigavo Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – The offices of the Sanaag regional Governor is attracting an increasing number of residents seeking services.
According to Erigavo based reporter Abdilahi Hussein Darwish the offices of the Sanaag Regional Governor Mahmud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramah’ are engulfed by many residents on almost a daily basis.
“Since Ramah assumed the Governorship of Sanaag region short while back residents are flocking to his offices daily and in ever increasing numbers” Darwish told Somalilandsun
According to elder Ali Kowdan the new governor’s office is open and inviting to residents of all ages, genders and walks of life seeking support or with complaints.
During his ascension to the Sanaag Governorship, Ramah who was appointed during a mini reshuffle by president Silanyo told residents of Sanaag that his office shall always be open to any seeking his attention.
“True to his words Governor Ramah is yet to refuse anybody seeking his personal consideration” said elder Kowdan

Mohamed Ali Suleiman the 8am to 2pm working Governor of Sanaag region in his Erigavo offices
The residents of Erigavo who have taken to the governor in a big way say that he, Ramah, is to be found in his office from 8am to 2pm or later if need be unless urgent duties takes him out.

The residents also pride in the fact that as opposed to others before him, Governor Ramah likes to attend to ordinary citizens first and the usual retinue of elders last.
Governor Ramah who first served Sahil regional in the same capacity at Berbera from mid 2010 before his abrupt dismissal in late 2012 by his boss president Silanyo who reappointed him to the Sanaag Governor’s Mansion in Erigavo in May 2014.

Elders await their now diminished chances of meeting the Sanaag regional governor
Whatever the case it is hoped that the apparent love of their Governor by Sanaag residents will prevail and the man, Ramah, sustain his style of administration and leadership in a region whose residents are always to be heard complaining of neglect by the central government.