Somaliland: Homegrown Reconciliatory Tradition Wins the Day again with Kulmiye Rift Resolution

  • -President wholeheartedly welcomes Guurti decisive ruling
  • -Kulmiye chairman Bihi likewise accepts arbitration outcome

Guurti chair Suleiman Aden (standing) presents elders Kulmiye party resolution recommendations as VP Sayli (C) and president Silanyo (R) follow keenly

By M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Once more the country has lived up to its name and expectation hence the homegrown reconciliatory tradition has won the day.
The deep factional cracks that threatened to split the ruling Kulmiye party is now no more, thanks to the GUURTI once again.
Following move by perpetual tension detonators to intervene, the issue that arose upon the tabling of ruling party’s Third Convention Resolution has now been well addressed.
Better still, both sides that had contended some plights have welcomed the decision of the arbitrating GUURTI team.
The sixteen man GUURTI arbitration team led by the Speaker himself, his two deputies, the head of the all-powerful Permanent GURTI Committee and four other house committee chairmen, amongst others, made their decision known at a venue that was graced by the attendance of both factions.
The GUURTI thus judged the preparation organizing committee’s constitutional report as valid hence gave the verdict of the ruling that the work of Hon. Adami’s team was as per constitution hence validated by the Political Parties Registration and Verification committee.
The GUURTI elders further said that any aspirant for the Presidency slot may vie for it if he/she was in line with the party’s regulation and could satisfy needed conditions.
The wise elders at the same time ordered the release of all persons jailed or apprehended for misdemeanors that were catalyzed or were as a result of the sharp differences that hitherto occurred.
On his part the Head of State wholeheartedly welcomed the decision terming it as one from people with wisdom.

The two opposing Kulmiye factions listen to recommendations of the Guurti committee at the Somaliland presidency in hargeisa
“We are humbled with their verdict and we thus boldly accept it”, said the President.
Party chairman Muse Bihi likewise said that he heeded the wordings in the verdict.
“We accepted their arbitration and as such we ought to heed its outcome” , he said.
Initially when they converged yesterday at the GUURTI, the Speaker Hon. Suleiman Mahmud Adan thanked the members of the public for having had confidence in them hence equally bear with them for the length of time it took them to reach their decision.
He said, “We apologize to the members of the public for having taken three or four days to reach our decision”, but added, “because of the fragility of the matter and the caution it deserved”.
He explained that they had first informed both warring factions that the GUURTI had set up a committee to delve into their belligerence hence asked them (both) to nominate representatives to enter the arbitration hearing.
The elders thus appealed to them to accept their GUURTI verdict.
The speaker further propped his colleague, the respected veteran elder who happens to head the GUURTI Permanent Committee Haji Abdikarim Hussein to give his wise sentiments before the reading of their verdict.
Hon. Haji Abdi echoed his boss’s words hence impressed upon the parties to accept their decision and the need to have peace and stability maintained.
The GUURTI made it clear that they came to their decision after having scanned and perused in details:-
1. Article 19, part II, section I of the Kulmiye party regulations.
2. Article 14, section 25 parts 4 and 5 of the Political Parties and Verification Committee rules.
3. The Political Parties and Verification Committee ruling and guidelines in a letter dated 31st May 2014 of Ref. No GDU/AA/206/2014
4. The rulings made by an internal Kulmiye party reconciliatory task force (named by the Head of State) on the 22nd of February as per their Accords No. 5 and No. 6 after a five week period of deliberation.
It was constituted on the 1st of January 2014 by the President.
The GUURTI made it quite vivid that they had to intervene and made a ruling to counter the disintegration of the ruling party.
The same fact was made clear earlier on by none other than the speaker himself when he told the GUURTI in the Upper House upon naming the GUURTI team that what “happened to UDUB shouldn’t recur” under their watch again.
The Upper House of the National Assemblies Parliament have for over a dozen times over double the same number of years been credited with detonating similar or equally sensitive political issues that has seriously threatened the breach of public security in the country.
In other words they have both literally and practically created the essence of SL hence have been the powers to reckon with that Western analysts has come to sentimentally label “Africa’s Best Kept Secret” in world political affairs; because of the now trademark homegrown conciliatory efforts of/with landmark systemic pacification stability.
The following are the 16 member GUURTI team who signed the ruling:-
1. Suleiman Mohamud Aden- -The Speaker
2. Said Jama Ali -First Deputy Speaker
3. Abdirahman Sh. Yusuf Sh. Madar -Second Deputy Speaker
4. Haji Abdi Hussein Yusuf – – Chairman of the Permanent Committee
5. Muhummed Aw Ahmed Haji Adan -Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee
6. Yusuf Abdillahi Awale -Chairman of Finance Committee
7. Ahmed Muse Obsiye -Chairman of Interior Committee
8. Awil Hussein Ahmed -Member
9. Mohamud Hared Roble -Member
10. Nour Rayaale Kheire -Member
11. Abdikadir Mohammed Hassan -Member
12. Ahmed-nuur Aw Ali Aden -Member
13. Mohamed Jama Abokor -Member
14. Suleiman Garas Said -Member
15. Mohamud Hersi Farah -Member
16. Abdikadir Aw Hussein Mire -Member