Somaliland: Sanaag Residents Decry Continued Disregard


Col Saeed Duale Hirsi: Stop neglecting Sanaag regionBy: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – Sanaag region has not benefited in any way since Somaliland reclaimed independence 21 years.

This was concurred upon by regional administration in Erigavo town where during a farewell party for their former boss Hon Mr. Aden Diriye Egal, the long serving Sanaag regional Governor who was recently appointed as an assistant minister at the ministry of Commerce by president Silanyo.

While speaking on behalf of regional officials, Col Saeed Duale Hirsi the regional posts and communications Coordinator said that the appointment of Hon Diriye to the cabinet is a signal that things might change for the country’s eastern region that has lagged behind other areas as pertains to development.

Said he, “We are confident that the deplorable situation in sanaag region as pertains to development projects from the central government in Hargeisa shall change with the appointment of Hon Diriye”

Col Saeed Duale who is a former military officer with the former Somalia national army decried the negligence perpetrated against Sanaag residents by successive governments in Hargeisa saying, “Sanaag region is in the same condition that it was in 1991 when Somaliland reclaimed its independence”

The meeting which complimented the outgoing governor for his diligence to duty urged him to utilize his new offices thus advises the head of state H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo properly as pertains to needs within sanaag region.

They further lamented the way senior officials in Hargeisa treat their underlings in the region which is the farthest from the capital city saying, “Ministers never receive our calls no matter what the emergency is”

They also askeHon Diriye (C) chairs his last meeting as governor of sanaag regiond president Silanyo to verify why members of his cabinet never visit the Region for official functions.

“We only see ministers when there is an election”

They agreed to continue emulating the diligence to duty of the outgoing governor whom they described to have been the first to arrive to work and the last to leave.

Hon Diriye made the appointment of a regional development committee his last official function as governor of sanaag region.

The Sanaag Development Committee-SDC has a total of 32 members representing the public and private sectors, civil society organizations and traditional leaders.

Sanaag Regional Develoment Committee