Somaliland: Stop Potentially Perilous Misunderstanding



Somalilandsun – It is a fact that we have weathered many a storm in our national politics, security and social fabrics for the past two decades or so.

It is also a fact that quite unbecoming, potentially perilous and fractiously dangerous misunderstandings is in the aura of our political environs once again.

Going by what is daily seen in our public media, the situation needs to be controlled forthwith.

It is, of course, our hope, wish and liking that minds, words and actions of good tidings that are guided with wisdom, will and should prevail.

This should not be a mere wishful thinking, but in essence, damage control must be made immediately.

It needs no reminding that this column perpetually reiterates that the land, people and nation of Somaliland have their aspirations already charted out.

These aspirations which inadvently concerns about what all our lives and those of our posterity entails, hence are of course, something that MUST/NOT be jolted, swayed or curtailed at any cost. To do so would be obliterate the whole future of a people.

We call upon the whole officialdom to bring back sanity and reassurance to public issues swiftly.

All arms of the state should be diligent and true to their duties.

No person has a right to pep up political temperatures by injecting words tailored to wash down the drains all that we have fought, suffered and persevered for painstakingly.

Let the ugly trends in our media stop forthwith.

It is perturbing that the traditional leaders and the Guurti members are sitting by the sidelines as people are treated virulent words in the electronic media both in print and audio/visual.

We have a government in place and its officials should be more responsible such that unbinding leaks should not be flashed around.

Similarly the opposition groups should be constructive in their critics and not worsen the situation even more.

As for the recent unprecedented mass transfers of regional chiefs, we support the President, for that is what governance entails all about.

The changes will help increase transparency; instill diligence and uproot tribalism in the public sector.

The precise acts and senses of responsibility within all echelons of officialdom would thus increase for the better.

We hope that all will join hands and suppress any seen and unseen forces of darkness.

Let us support the government to achieve our goals.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of the Horn Tribune, a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the government owned Dawan media group