Somaliland: Salahley Hargeisa Local Councils Boundary Established


Maroodi-jeeh regional Elders council support interior ministry decison on Toon town as boundary between Hargeisa and Salhley councils

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The injury to two police officers on a civic leader’s security detail is an unfortunate act that should have not happened in the first place.
This was stated by Elders from Maroodi-Jeeh region in Hargeisa town where they also wished the injured cops a speedy recovery as they also fully supported the decision of the interior ministry that adjudged the town of Toon as the official boundary between Hargeisa and Salahley local councils.
“WE fully accept and support the decision of the interior ministry thence recognized Toon as the boundary between the two councils and shall subsequently not accept anyone intent on disrupting peaceful co-existence between residents of the two districts” read a statement from the regional elders committee
The elders were reacting to an over two months old dispute between the two local governments on land management that ensued with a physical confrontation earlier in the week resulting in the injury to the two police officers now nursing their injuries and partial destruction to the Salahley mayor’s vehicle.
At the same time the Council of Maroodi-Jeeh elders also apologized to the minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade Mayor for accusations of ineptitude leveled against him by the Mayor of Salahley Councillor Ismail Abdi Hussein ‘Shine’ following an aborted closed door meeting at the ministers ‘ offices in Hargeisa.
The mayor who addressed journalists after the meeting had termed Minister Waran’ade as having failed in his duties having ruled in favor of Hargeisa municipality in the contested land between the two councils.

L-R Mayor Shine of Salahley claims decison on border dispute with Hargeisa council by Interior Minister Waranade  unfair
According to Mayor Shine the arbitration and subsequent decision was contrary to mutual agreed decisions which stipulates that until an official districts boundary is made nationwide the jurisdictional authority of each local council nationwide shall extend as far as those utilized by the National Election Commission during local councils, parliamentary and presidential elections of the past.
While urging the respect of law and order especially among the country’s leadership at whatever levels , the elders who termed the remarks by Mayor Shine as regretful said the prevailing status quos in Somaliland have been attained through a successful homegrown reconciliation mechanism urged he, Mayor, to swallow his ego thence graciously accept the boundary verdict.
As the country gears up for the registration and subsequent planned issuances of national ID and voters Cards to its citizens, the Salahley Hargeisa Boundary conflict is a wakeup call as well as a Clear signal that official demarcation of local council’s boundaries is imperative sooner rather than later as the nation heads to the run-up of presidential and parliamentary elections slated for mid 2015