Somaliland: Rumoured Visit to Hargeisa by Somalia President Raises Ruckus

Somalia President Farmajo is to be brought to Somaliland by PM Abiy of Ethiopia-archives

Somalilandsun: Hargeisa and other major cities of Somaliland are abuzz with a rumoured visit to the country by the Somalia president Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo.

This visit if it be comes a few days after two major occurrences first being the first face to face meeting between the Somalia president and his Somaliland counterpart Muse Bihi Abdi in the sidelines of the 33rd AU general assembly in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The second a day after the meeting took place in Mogadishu where president Farmajo apologized to Somalilanders for genocidal atrocities, committed by late Somalia dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre during the civil war of the 80s and early 90s.

Informing that the Farmajo visit to Hargeisa has been requested by PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia whip hosted the Addis Ababa meet between the two; Elder Suleiman Mahmud Aden said the Somalia president is completely not welcomed to visit.

This occurrence yet to take place has elicited verbal objections from the Guurti the upper chamber of the bicameral Somaliland parliament with Chairman Suleiman Mahmud Aden telling elders of the chamber that president Farmajo is not welcome to the country.

“Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wants to visit Hargeisa with Somali President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo “told Guurti elders while stressing that the development is undesirable

Adding that “Since PM Abiy is a brother and always to visit us anytime, President Farmajo shall only be hosted if he is towed by our Ethiopian friend” as the elder stressed that despite that Farmajo will not be accorded the honours of a state guest that goes with his office but handle like any other visiting Somalia citizen.

The sentiments by the Guurti chair have also been addressed by a number of prominent politicians like Somaliland’s opposition leader UCID Feisal Ali Warabe who said he will not accept Somali President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo’s visit to Hargeisa.

Somalia president Farmajo nit welcome in Somaliland says Guurti chair Suleiman Adan

Other prominent Somaliland politicians  who have not only objected to the rumoured visit but negated the genocide apology of President Farmajo include Ambassador Adan Muse Jibril, Mohamed Hashi Elmi and MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye aka Nacnac.

All were in concurrence to the fact that the atrocities contrition’s were not only too late but too little were similarly of the opining that the Farmajo visit was inconsequential/

Whether the visit actually takes place or not suffices is to say the ruckus in Somaliland where fears are that sovereignty is being discarded is similarly complimented in Somalia where most believe that unity is being compromised.

Though it is not clear whether Farmajo towed by PM Abiy Ahmed the 2019 Nobel Peace laureate shall actually occur some beloved that it is a healthy beginning to either Somalia letting go of or reuniting with Somaliland whose quest for international sovereignty recognition has been elusive for three decades courtesy of Mogadishu based politicians who claim it as the northwest region of Somalia.