Somaliland: Right to Write, License to Lie


Somalilandsun – It is not very surprising that a dreg of refuse should think itself a drop of misread cream. A Jackass brays loudest. The tyrant foams and frets until he catches your attention.

The liar repeats lines until one gets used to me and accepts them on face value. The meek, the oppressed and the dazed victim is always bested – at first.

All of the above perfectly fit the Blackmailer crying ‘wolf’ and the shameless shenanigans of certain sick elements whose only uniting factor with the subject is the desire to pull down Somaliland and paint it out of its achievements and history to satisfy their dark designs and warped egos.

A gentleman that everybody knows as the ‘Only & Only’ said in a published press conference he participated on Saturday that he was afraid their actions might be construed as ‘anti-recognition’ moves. True. He knew that his poor, nepotistic defense of the Blackmailer was just that. The only other motive he had was a desire to be re-appointed to a high post in government as is so littered in a pitiful trail he leaves behind. If anybody starkly practiced nepotism, it was him. Ask around.

Another character in this so-called press conference was a failed ‘journalist’ whose only claim to the profession was his burning desire to see tribal rivalries surface once more in a mature Somaliland. His words included that they were ready to ‘fight with the pen and the gun’. That alone lays his sinister motives bare. What is more distressing is that he claimed representation of a once-great Journalism Association in Somaliland – SOLJA.

A third character was an NGO founder-cum-party official. This fact alone shows how respectful of law and order she is. One cannot be two opposing personalities that the law of your land prohibits at the same time. The Somaliland NGO ACT, Article 11, paragraph 1, specifically underlines that ‘Participation in political activities and campaigns; payment to and fundraising for specific political parties and/or candidates’ was prohibited. When you are living a lie yourself, you cannot point fingers at your leaders.

The list of speakers and their better-known disturbing qualities cannot be all recounted without descending to their level.

The question, however, arises: who are they fooling?

In defending one’s rights, you should be blind to other cares and considerations. Any one citizen has no superseding rights over the rest.

It is not a laughing matter that the unholy coalition announced during that press conference wishes to defend a blackmailer against his victims. That bespeaks volumes by itself.

On the other hand, undermining the potency of the law and calling it names is a cowardly act. When one is called to defend his/her claims in a court of law, it is the greatest honor a citizen can be accorded. The actions that precede it to restrain citizens’ excesses from reaching irreversible boiling points is another.

Intentionally misleading the public and exhorting them to disobey the law only serves miscreants, the underworld, the lawless, the tyrant and the oppressor. Publicly advocating disobedience to law and order places one outside the law.

Listed below are sample articles in which law-abiding citizens have expressed their opinions of the Blackmailer now wearing the sheep’s skin. Look for yourself. They have a right to be heard out, too.

















Abdishakur Essa

United States