Somaliland: SSE to Brainstorm National Challenges an Opportunities



Somalilandsun – In collaboration with Somaliland Seura ry (SL), an umbrella organisation of Somaliland community organisations in Finland, SSE is organising its Annual General Meeting and Conference on:

Date: 25th – 26th April 2014

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Helsinki, Finland


• Challenges the Republic of Somaliland faces, and the opportunities it has.

• The issue of the recognition of Somaliland and its implications for the security, stability and development in the Horn of Africa.

• The role of culture in the development of Somaliland.

• Ways of improving partnership working, networking and collaboration between Somaliland organisations in Europe and the Government of the Republic of Somaliland.

Guest Speakers:

• Ahmed Ismail Samatar, James Wallace, professor of International Studies, Dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship. USA

• Marja Tiilikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland

• Jama Musse Jama, Redsea Culture Foundation, Somaliland

• Seppo Lehtinen, Chairperson of Turku City Council, Finland

• Riika Kangas, Africa desk, Foreign Ministry, Finland

• Liisa Jaakonsaari, Member of European Parliament, Finland

• Andrew A Rebold, Project Coordinator IOM country Office, Finland.

• Mia Nuikka, International Solidarity Foundation executive director, Finland

• Leo Koski Awale, Training director-University of Jyvaskya, Finland

• Hussein Abdillahi, SSE former executive, now based in Somaliland

• Maija Kajava, Social activist, Finland

• Representatives of Somaliland Diaspora Organisations: Others Speakers include: Mohamed Harun, Mohmed Meigaag, Kadar Houssein Abdi

• We are also expecting Somaliland Government Officials to join us.

For more information contact the SSE preparatory committee

Abdourahman Yassin Hassan Nur,

Chair of SSE (Somaliland Seure executive member)

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Hassan Ali Mustafa Ismail

Chair of Somaliland Member of Preparatory committee

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Iid Hassan (SSE Executive member) Moote Haji Ali (SSE Executive member)

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