Somaliland: Resumption of Dialogue with Somali Talks Anticipated


VP Sayli L with his boss President Silanyo at Egal Airport where service commanders gave their commander in chief a welcome home salute of honourBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The presidents of Somaliland and Somalia have met for the first in Djibouti where impromptu discussions were held.

The president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is back in the country after a two days visit to Djibouti where he participated in activities commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Somali-speaking Pen organization

The head of state was received at the Egal international airport in Hargeisa by his deputy Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ and multitude of citizens who included ministers, Members of both houses of parliament, Traditional and Religious leaders as well as senior officials of the ruling Kulmiye party

After a colourful guard of honour mounted by units of the national army, the head of state who briefed members of the press at the airports’ VIP lounge termed the ongoing Somali-Speaking Pen-SSP conference as a very important event for the development of the Somali language both oral and written.

President Silanyo briefs media at the airports VIP loungeWhile informing of the significance of the SSP conference where dignitaries from Somali speaking areas and Somali language experts converged to chart the way forward for the local script, Dr Silanyo revealed of his impromptu meeting with the new president of neighbouring Somalia Mr Hasan Sheikh Mahmud.

“In the course of conference participation a meeting with President Hasan who was also present became inevitable” Said the head of state

After exchanging pleasantries, we briefly discussed suspended talks between our two countries of whose importance we both acquiesced on without fixing dates but in accord and hopes that once resumed the shall be concluded to the satisfaction of the citizens of our two neighbouring countries, further informed the president.

The President who addressed the SSP conference together with others like Presidents Ismail Omar Guelleh and Hasan Sh Mahmud of Djibouti and Somalia respectively was at the conference together with a high powered delegation on official invitation from the Djiboutian head of state.

Those in the president’s entourage included the 1st lady Ms Amina Weris, Dr Mohamed A Omar, Ms Zamzam Aden and Mr Ali Elmi Gelle the foreign, Education and Communication ministers respectively.

On the alleged doctoring of local council election results by some unsuccessful Army Units mount a guard of honour for President Silanyopolitical groups the president said fingers should not point at the government nor the ruling Kulmiye party because neither was involved.

While urging those alleging to have been cheated during the elections to pursue proper channels of communicating their grievances the head of state said those aggrieved should direct their grievances towards the National Election Commission is the body mandated with the management of elections.

Reminding that there is always a winner and loser at competitions of every sort the head of state advised the unsuccessful political groups that purport the ballot was doctored to the advantage of some, to seek legal channels of redress rather than engaging in acts that might impinge on the wellbeing of the country if unchecked.

Following the release of election results for the Hargeisa municipality on 6th December supporters of the Haqsoor political group who accused NEC of doctoring the results in favour of the ruling party went on the rampage that concluded with the death of three people and injury to several others including riot police officers.