Somalia Ready to Try Pirates on Its Soil


By Maalik_eng,

Somalilandsun – The chief of Somali Supreme Court Aydiid Abdullahi Ilka Hanaf has declared that Somali pirates seized by international would be tried inside the country.

In an exclusive interview with Shabelle media, Ilka hanaf said that the justice system in Somalia can handle now the trails of Somali pirates and that it is not needed to take pirates to foreign countries to face justice there.

It was a common case that Somali pirates seized or detained by the international naval forces patrolling the Somali waters to be tried in foreign countries sometimes countries as far as in Europe, Asia and America.

Pirates armed with heavy weaponry have been rampant in Somali waters threatening one of the world´s commercial shipping lines by hijacking any sort of ship their eyes could set on.