Somaliland Representation Surfaces Only Impasse to Somalia Election Conflict Resolution

Somaliland Representation Surfaces Only Impasse to Somalia Election Conflict Resolution
Both Somaliland born DPM Mahdi Gulied and Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi are tussling over mandate to nominate fellow unionists in the Somalia elections

Somalilandsun: As when things don’t go right in Somalia, its neighbour Somaliland gets blamed.

This time around it is the election in that country where political players be it from government or opposition are under immense international pressure to end the impasse.

Latest of the many international condemnations and urgings for a peaceful resolution to the President Farmajo brewed election conflict was from the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Somalia.

“I once again urge Somali leaders to find solutions in good faith, and to demonstrate the leadership the country requires of them at this historic moment,” said SRSG Ambassador James Swan at the briefing in New York

The SRSG, also head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia-UNSOM who commended the initiative by Prime Minister Mohamed Roble of convening a new summit between the Somali federal government and federal member states, said that ” a welcome return to dialogue after the earlier period of confrontation”

But in Mogadishu where the various elections stalemate stakeholders have been meeting under the PM Roble initiative Somaliland where Somalia elections don’t take place is now allegedly the stumbling block

” It is all systems go for a final announcement tomorrow on the elections road map save for the Somaliland question which remains unresolved.

Somaliland Representation Surfaces Only Impasse to Somalia Election Conflict Resolution
The PM Roble led Somalia election dispute resolution committee says Somaliland only block -Photo by Goibjoog

This is according to a report by Mogadishu  based,Goobjoog news adding that
The Federal Member State leaders and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble who have been meeting for close to a week now are set to announce a deal in a ceremony to be attended by other stakeholders tomorrow.

Outgoing President Mohamed Farmajo and his predecessors Hassan Sheikh Mohamed and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are expected to attend.

It is also clear that virtually all components of the Baidoa Framework were adopted without change. This means elections will take place in two towns in each state and that Amisom and the Somali police will provide security for the elections.
But the dispute over the nomination of  members representing Somaliland at the state and federal elections Committee, between Senate speaker Abdi Hashi and deputy prime minister Mahdi Guleid could hold back tomorrow’s announcement.
According to a source privy to the talks, the Deputy PM Guleid side which has the backing of outgoing President Mohamed Farmajo has sought to limit Hashi’s influence in the process fueling differences which could derail the talks.

Both the Somalia Deputy PM and Speaker of Senate Abdi Hashi are from Somaliland which courtesy of its 30 of separation with her southern neighbour , is officially not part or parcel of issues internal there.

Whoever triumphs in the contest between  Hashi and Gulied shall accrue a lot of weight in the Somalia elections since , he will be in charge of selecting persons from Somaliland to be appointed members of parliament in Mogadishu
Thus the dispute in which, the Guled-Farmajo faction wants Hashi to be allotted only five seats at the Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET) and State Indirect Elections Team (SIET).

The two committees have a conflict resolution wing. Hashi, who leads a caucus of politicians and other opinion leaders from Somaliland proposed a 50-50 deal in all the appointments. This would mean he and Guled appoint two candidates each to both the FIET and the resolution Committee.
A similar arrangement would apply for SIET which has 11 members.
But it has emerged that Farmajo who is seeking to have an upper hand in the Somaliland process is allocating Hashi only one seat at FIET and about four only at the SIET level.
“They told him you’ll have your Senate seat back if you accept our deal but Hashi rejected the offer,” our source said.

Outgoing President Mohamed Farmajo,c, with his predecessors Hasan Sheikh Mohamed ,R, and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are main contenders to the Somalia presidency .

The FIET comprises 25 members and each Federal Member State is allocated four seats.
Hashi also met with FMS leaders after an earlier meeting with PM Roble and both had the same message-accept five seats, a source said.

With expectations for agreement of new elections dates might end up with a new deadlock, the Hargeisa based Somtribune informs that “The two wings of Somaliland-born politicos, Gulied & Hashi living in Mogadishu have yet to agree on the number of members each is to get on a commission to prepare the former Somalia colony for ‘selections’ of President and parliament.

In reaction to the Somaliland issue in Somalia, Khadija a London based  lawyer of Somali descent said