Somaliland: Irro Visit Reveals the Demise of the 1991 Venue of Independece Declaration in Burao

Somaliland: Irro visits Reveals the Demise of the 1991 Venue of Independece Declaration in Burao
Wadani Party leader Abdirahman Irro at the venue of 1991 somaliland independence declaration household in Burao on the 18th May2021

Somalilandsun: 30 years ago,  clan elders declared the withdrawal of Somaliland from her union with Somalia.

Upon  withdrawal from the ill fated union of 1960 union the clan elders also declared  Somaliland a sovereign state.

This historic decision  occurred on the 18th  May 1991 at the now deprict building in Burao town as discovered by the Wadani party leader and Somaliland 2022 presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdilahi Irrro.

The Somaliland Declaration of Independence (formally Republic of Somaliland) was proclaimed on 18 May 1991 by Somali Sultans from the Isaaq, Dhulbahante, Issa, Gadabursi, and Warsangali clans and the Somali National Movement.

This came after a bloody rebellion fought by SNM against dictator  Mohamed  Siyad Barre and his Somalia army then fourth most powerful in Africa.

But as with other historic sights of Somaliland like the centuries old and british Built Womens Hall and Indian line in Hargeisa and Maqahiida Inanta SNM revels tea house in Gabile district , successive governments have let them disappear.


  1. The so called declaration of Independence of what is now known only by some Isaaq clans as the Republica of Somaliland, was signed by the then SNM malatia Blood hounds, Who at gun point compeled Dulbahante, Warsangali, Gudubirsi, Isse and a good Number of Isaaq Sultana to accept It. SNM malatia didn’t liberate anyone from a dictator, but looted and slaughtered the civilian population of Dulbahante, Gudubirsi, Warsangali, Isse and Isaaq.