Somaliland: Puntland’s Gaas Belittles Khatumoists Reconciliation Talks with Hargeisa


➢ Puntland’s President shows his disappointment with peaceful talks between Somaliland and Khatumo.
➢ Political reconciliation of eastern regions is ultimate goal of president Silanyo’s legacy.
President Abdiewli Gaas of Puntland aspires to areas within Somalilamds eastern regions

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

SOMALILANDSUN-Somalia’s Puntland President, Abdi-weli Mohamed Ali Gas, smeared political status and personal character of leader of Khatumo self declared movement Prof Ali Khalif with the conducting peaceful negotiations to Somaliland government begun last week in Anaba district of Sarar capital region.

President Gas revealed this remarks during his press conference on Wednesday after he returned Garowe,Putland’s capital after conclusion of political talks in Mogadishu.

Mr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, said that they didn’t recognize Khatumo as an administration and stated as saying “we have had no recognize Khatumo as an administration, hence Mr. Galaydh isn’t more as one person.”

“ I heard to Mr. Galaydh claims that he should reach political agreement to Somaliland he has favored those chased consecutively at past time. He likes to Somaliland and I should pray him for his views,” said Mr. Gas, after he was inquired his thought about face to face talks initiated between Somaliland and Khatumo self declared.

Galaydh’s stance of talks with Somaliland

Galayd and his Khatumo dreamAli Khalif Galaydh leader of Khatumo confirmed earlier in this week without precondition peaceful commenced with Somaliland authority.

“the first stage of negotiation between us (Khatumo) and Somaliland resulted as intended. We should continue process of beginning dialogue, we wish to parley peaceful manner,” said the Khatumo leader.

He disclosed that they share huge common interests, and added “Somaliland and Khatumo we link huge common interests we share. We want to reach win-win and long standing solutions.”

Galaydh sent warning massage to Somalia’s weak federal government:

Prof. Galaydh sent heated message to Somalia federal government he asserted “We (Khatumo), Somaliland people and their government we aren’t those are introducing on the moment but we are as relatives it’s very complicated to differentiate our linkages.”

SL position of peace reconciliation of eastern regions:

President Silanyo in aha Dhaka of peace with former rebel commander and now Somalilamd health minister Dr Haglatosie The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, called on peaceful reconciliation platform when he held in power 27 July 2010, since that he frequented reiterates his commitment searching political solutions to replace a bloody measures and hostility in Sool, Buhodle and eastern Sanaag regions.

President Silanyo he likewise pledged his ambition of upgrading social services to back warded regions of the country. This reconciliation process with Khatumo secessionist is main objective of Somaliland’s incumbent head of state.