Somaliland: Is Being Muslim in America Becoming Dangerous


Itemid was brutalized by Chicago police for wearing a hijab

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland sun- Itemid Al Matar, a 32-year-old Saudi student who covers her full body, head and face in the conservative Saudi style of dress, known as niqab, was on her way home on July 4, 2015, and was running up the stairs to catch a train, when a group of Chigago police officers ran up behind her, “grabbed [her] and threw her down upon the stair landing,”
According to the lawsuit The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, “They ripped off the face covering and the head covering, as well as pulled up her shirt, exposing her midriff, and pulled down her pants,” said Ahmed Rehab, the executive director of CAIR’s Chicago office. “She made the choice to cover her body, and someone came along and exposed her in this violent manner. It was humiliating.”
Itemization brutal moment in chicagoThis lawsuit among many other similar incidents comes in the heels of a recent islam-hate speech by Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump who included migrants of Somali origin from his list of undesirable visitors to the U.S, in his presidency.
For the many who despise immigration thus clapping hands following continued attacks by Trump, sometimes it is worthy but not for the economically driven but for those necessitated by life threatening circumstances thus Americans need to stand with Hillary Clinton
President Hillary ClimtonAs for the Itemid incident in which The Department of Justice is currently investigating the police department’s conduct, CAIR’s Chicago office is suing the city of Chicago and six Chicago police officers for tackling her on the stairs of a subway station, stripping her of her headscarf and violating her civil rights on the Fourth of July last year. Read More