Somaliland: Puntland Sheds Crocodile Tears over Taleeh


In the front are Somaliland Commandos pictured here  Trooping their colours at a function in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – A hastily convened meeting b ministers of the Puntland administrative region of Somalia in Garowe has termed the presence of Somaliland national army units in Taleeh district of Sool region as an invasion.

In a post cabinet meeting statement read to the press by the enclave’s minister of information Abdiweli Hirsi Indho-guran the move in Taleeh was stated as an ongoing expansion by Somaliland into Sanaag and Sool regions.

The Somaliland army established total control of Taleeh district early Tuesday morning with army spokesperson warning that any movement by foreign elements will be discerned as hostile then appropriate reaction by the heavily armed and prepared troops.

As an indication of the stress occasioned upon Puntland by Somaliland army the region’s minister of information said “Puntland castigates somaliland for impinging on the territorial integrity of our country”

The Garowe administration never tired or ashamed of insinuating ownership of areas that internationally recognized to be under the territorial boundaries of Somaliland also termed the movement by Somaliland troops as in cohesion with increased activity by Al-Shabaab in the enclave.

Puntland has for a number of years claimed parts of Eastern Sanaag and entire Sool region which are intrinsic parts of Somaliland, on basis of being predominantly inhabited by Harti/Darood clan of whom Puntland professes to be authority upon.

Recent threats to annex these eastern parts of Somaliland by president Abdiweli of Puntland forced the Hargeisa based administration to establish frontline army bases in Buhodle in Sool region and Badan in Sanaag as deterrence.

Meanwhile die hard secessionists owing allegiance to the disintegrating dream of a Khatumo state to have been hived-off pats of Somaliland’s eastern regions hazily left Taleeh and are reported to be ensconced in Garowe under the patronage of president Gas a few days after arriving from Mogadishu with planeloads of SFG supplied cash and weapons.

According to the mayor of Taleeh mayor local council Jama Isse Shau’ur the district capital is calm following the arrival of the army in the town and residents formerly placed in a state of fear of Khatumoists militias are now serene and conducing normal activities unencumbered.

A few months back Puntland now crying crocodile tears for its purported citizens in Taleeh is known to have dispatched heavily armed troops under the command of then Vice president Gen Abdisamad who butchered innocent civilians, destroyed millions worth of property and displaced thousands whose only source of succor was the government of somaliland.

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