Somaliland: Puntland Militias Chased out of Las Qoray


Units of the National Army assume control of Las qorayBy: Latifa Yusuf

LAS QORAY (Somalilandsun) – Puntland militias are no longer terrorising residents of eastern sanaag.

Residents of Las Qoray town in the East of Sanaag region after the national army took full control of following the eviction of Puntland militias from the area.

According to the Las Qoray mayor Mohamed Hayan Arshe area residents are now moving freely and without fear since the army assumed full control once the terrorist militias funded by Puntland fled with their tails coiled in shame and fright.

Mayor Arshe informs that his local council which is earnestly engaged in tax collection as a prelude to facilitating much needed public services is also soliciting regional and national governments support in availing jobs to idle youths.

Said he” Currently the only employer and main source of tax are boats and dhows from Yemen and UAE that dock in our port”

Livelihoods in Las QoLas qoray fish factory at its heights/fileray that are mainly depended on fishing are missing out on markets as well as sustainable income due to the on and off operations of the Las Qoray fishing factory which is the largest in all Somali speaking countries.

At full operation the fishing factory which has the capacity to fully process various types of fishes all the way to tin packaging is also a major employer thus the need to expedite full operation rehabilitation.

While thanking the government for dispatching units of the army from Hargeisa to reinforce the negligible numbers of the local police force, urged the central authorities to ensure that attained security is sustainable in 0rder to facilitate livelihood recovery.

He also informed that the district is now able to concentrate like other areas of the country in electioneering for imminent local council elections with the seven parties having established campaign headquarters.

The army’s presence and subsequent eviction of Puntland paid militias who have in the past terrorised residents of the eastern parts of sanaag region which is claimed by the tribal enclave in Garowe is as a result of agreements between the government and traditional leaders from those parts.

This agreement that ensued after meetings in Badhan district in the east of sanaag region where resident clans vowed their allegiance to Somaliland thus a rejection of the divisive politics of the Farole the president of Puntland.

In this agreement in which the residents are obliged to cooperate with administration in order to foster security, the government will reciprocate by strengthening its presence and provide the much needed public services.