Somaliland: UCID’s Wobbling Election Campaign


What next for Feisal & his UCID party“Am not sure elections will be held as planned” Feisal Ali

“The administration is buying off our candidates” Ahmed Aden

By: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – UCID, The welfare and justice party has entered the third phase of campaigns bruised from the verbosity of its leadership,

The main opposition political party of UCID has shown fears for the successfully holding of local council elections which are slated for the 28th of November 2012.

The party raised these fears during a press conference at its headquarters in Hargeisa where it also accused the government of intent to destroy the party through fragmenting its participation in local council elections.

UCID which failed,miserable, to marshal its supporters for rallies during the third day of electyion campaigns in Hargeisa claimed that the governemtn was buying off its supporters thus the luclustre performance on the day that also saw numerous party officials defect to the ruling Kulmiye party.

Reports from Bulsho TV indicated that not a single UCID sponsored local council candidate in the capital city undertook usually campaign rallies that include large convoys of vehicles and speeches at ward offices.

In Borame town the party’s presidential hopefull Jamal Ali Hussein casrigated the government for what he termed as unfair election tactics stressing that this could lead to disturbamces during the run-up to elections.

During the pre-campaign press conference party leader Feisal Ali Warabe who raised fears of the impossibility of holding elections under current interferences by the governemtn, said that this gimmick of destroying political parties that started with UDUB is geared towards ensuring the total domination of Kulmiye.

On his part the party’s secretary general Ahmed Aden Ismail ‘Ahmed Keise’ informed that if the situation does not change UCID will not be able to field any candidates since the governemtn is buyng them off.

This is a very sad song from the country’s main opposition political party that wants to place its political strategies blunder on the shoulders of the administration rather though this blunder actually emanate from within.

How does the party expect to win support iif its leadership has shamefacedly claimed Jamal Ali must whip cobwebs out of UCIDownership of the capital city while asking residemts from the east regions of the country to restrain their political ambitions far from the city?

The repercussions of this sentiments are the absence of party supporters thus the miserable failure to conduct electioneering in most areas of the country.

On the other hand the youthful Jamal Ali in whom many youths had placed their hopes on seems to have squarely placed himself in a tight corner the day he decamped from UDUB whose misfortumes shall haunt him for long.

If Jamal Ali is to succeed at all he should now take firm control of UCID thus make a 360% aboutturn especially as it pertains to soliciting the forgiveness and subsequent support of Somalilanders born not in Hargeisa.

At the same time Jamal Ali should utilize a sjambok and whip some senior functionaries back to line especially as it pertains to their lethal VERBOSITY which is alienating supporters.

Meanwhile stop crying wolf at every turn, put your house in order and continue soliciting votes as the very gentle people you all at UCID are and MAY the BEST three Parties WINm come November 28.