Somaliland: Alleged Mogadishu Appointments Denied


Politician Abdiqadir treated in London after alleged manhandling by Kulmiye boart functionariesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Numerous personalities have denied their alleged decamp to Hamarweine for lofty appointments.

Some High profile Somalilanders have termed their alleged shifting of alliance from Somaliland to Somalia as malicious and with intent to assassinate their characters in the eyes of the public.

Among those reported by some media houses to have absconded include former Ministry of foreign affairs Director General Mahmud Rage Ibrahim, former national intelligence chief Hussein Hasan Roble, Politician Abdirahman Abdiqaadir and Mohamed Omar Arteh among many.

The former intelligence Chief popular known as Hussein Kenyati informed through an interview with Geeska Afrika that he was perturbed by the reports that indicated he was in Mogadishu seeking a job while in actual fact “Am right here in Hargeisa”

Said he “Though am a free person thus can go wherever I wish for work, business or pleasure, I ask these reporters to ensure whatever information they give the public is factual”

Hussein Kenyati who urged Somalilanders in-country and the Diaspora to foster unity in-order to maintain national security said that this unity is necessary thus maintain “our nationhood that is under threat from unionists and their extremist cahoots”

On his part Politician Abdirahman Abdiqaadir who spoke on phone to Geeska Afrika acknowledged that he is currently in Mogadishu for personal reasons related to a house he owned there but which had been occupied by a false claimant.

The politician who is purported to be awaiting appointment as state minister for internal affairs said that the issue of his imminent appointment was not only absurd but one formulated by his political enemies.

Mr. Abdirahman who was the 3rd chairperson of the ruling Kulmiye party spent some time at a hospital in London recently after he was clobbered by colleagues during a central committee meeting in Hargeisa.

The white haired politician concluded by informing that his allegiance to Somaliland remains unwavering thus impossible for him to accept any position, not even the presidency, in Somalia.

Technocrat turned politician Mohamed Omar Arteh has also denied reports that he is in Mogadishu awaiting confirmation of his ambassadorial appointment offered him as a fMohamed Omar launching his Damal party/Fileavour to his father Omar Arteh Galib a former to official in the 80’s and early 90’s

The youthful politician who has held a number of positions in the Somaliland government slammed the Somaliland press website for what he termed as covert character assassination

Another rumour purporting that the former Ministry of foreign affairs Director General Mahmud Rage Ibrahim is also in Mogadishu pending his assuming the post of director general of Somalia’s Ministry of social affairs has been denied.

Mr Rage who termed the rumours as controlled wanton destruction of figures deemed of influence said that despite his negative perception of the current administration in Hargeisa his allegiance to Somaliland remains unwavering.

Though several other officials dissatisfied with current government in Hargeisa have in the past been reported to be in Mogadishu seeking positions, the current hue and cry on such movements is attributed to the appointment of one of their own, M/s Fozia Yusuf as deputy première and foreign minister.

Let us cross our fingers and hope that we shall not get media reports indicating that some prisoners are in Mogadishu seeking greener pastures too because with our media nothing is impossible.