Somaliland: Public Heads Shouldn’t Bring Disrepute to the Nation


Somalilandsun: It is indeed quite sad, hurting, dismaying and agitating when the nation is treated to something not only distracting, but potentially destructive altogether.

Those who are charged with the task of lawmaking for the country became the first to flout them!

Worse still, it is more disturbing, very disheartening and grossly perturbing when such retrogression is catalyzed by none other than those we have put in high echelons in the society.

After yesterday’s commotion in parliament, we wonder what role models our youth ought to emulate.

It is true that following the public hues and cried in our media hyped by and from various quarters, the Berbera Petroleum storage facilities has been politicized more than its fair share at the opportunity cost of other priority issues.

To get the hyping for emotionally charging subjects, the speakers’ themselves exchanging blows could send the wrong message and be an act that would only fuel more political quagmire.

It is wrong to smear the President’s name with dirt to issues so petty and for partisan reasons.

The Head of State does not control the personal conducts of MPs. Whatever good or bad deed they indulge into is a plus or minus detrimental to their own personal merits, of-course at their own peril, for that matter.

We have seen MPs fight in parliament before for diverse reasons.

But never have we been treated to such ‘tango’ from their top executives. We have written a lot in this column as to the professional conduct of our MPs and decried their lack of sensitivity to the social plights of their constitutions in various circles.

It is for the voters to put them to the dock, anyway.

What we are however fighting hard to want it being upheld is the sense and essence of nationhood, peaceful stability, unity and progress.

The people would want to see their top officials being sensitive to their aspirations and follow the cue for having the targeted achievements realized.

We do not want the Presidency, the reformed courts, the parliament and Guurti or any other public institution to be put into disrepute and bring shame to the country and her integrity.

This trend should be nipped at the bud immediately and everything should be called to order.

The public mainstream members themselves should be more responsible, patriotic and sensitive to their nation-hood.

Is it not surprising to find out that the majority of the populace do not even know the names of even half of their MP’s a decade down the road? Let alone their faces or constituencies they come from!

Perhaps it is one reason that our MPs have been given a clean slate not to care for the national stature.

Somaliland and its state-hood should not, and MUST not, be put in line for political partisan reasons.

We decry the fighting that happened. MPs should be called upon to conduct their business as per their etiquette’s requirements.

The supposed honorable members have no any iota of honour today in the eyes of many, within the country and without. Playing into the hands of the enemies in the last thing we need.

We ought to build the nation more and put to a stop to senseless name calling and destructive petty, retrogressive and anarchic politicking that is fatal to our essence.

An original editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group