Somaliland: Al-Sisi of Egypt Eyes Enhanced Relations with Administration in Hargeisa


As a diplomatic mission dispatched by Cairo accompanied by leading Egyptian Pharmaceutical Companies and ministry of health officials visit Somaliland

Some members pf the Egyptian Diplomatic and medical mission to Somaliland in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The authorities in Cairo have Somaliland as part of the new Egyptian foreign relations strategic plan under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

The broad Egyptian delegation led by deputy envoy to Djibouti Ambassador Mohamed Al Amir has so far met and held discussions with the Somaliland government more so the president and the minister of Health.

The Egyptian diplomat who is leading a team composed of Cairo based ministry of health officials who are here to handover medical supplies donations and representatives from his country’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers who are pursuing local outlets for their products under the Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals Industries Company-EIPICO

During the Egyptian Somaliland closed meeting at the presidency in Hargeisa where various bi-lateral issues were discussed the commitment to joint cooperation in all fronts was reiterated especially in the areas of education and Health.

President Silanyo and members of hs cabinet pose with the Egyptian team after meeting in hargeisa

Addressing the media after the presidency meeting Health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie took the opportunity to thank the Egyptian government for the large consignment of pharmaceutical donated to his ministry and delivered by the Amb Al Amir led team.

The Somaliland health minister is expected to visit Egypt on duties following an official invitation conveyed from the Government in Cairo by the visiting delegation.

Meanwhile the Egyptian government which avails the country over sixty secondary school teachers is doubling its support to development projects in the country with a new focus on the health Sector as per revelations by Ambassador Mohamed Al Amir during an interview with Somalilandsun at Mansoor hotel in Hargeisa where EIPICO products are on display.

Queried on the impetus behind the rejuvenated Egyptian interest in Somaliland the diplomat had this to say

“Somaliland has always been in the heart of the people and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and though recent events experienced by Egypt may have affected it, our presence here is as a result of the new strategic plan of president El-Sisi of rapprochement with allies”

Ambassador Mohamed Al Amir at the EIPICO bussines fair in Hargeisa somaliland

In elaboration the diplomat based in Djibouti who stressed on the fact that relations between the two countries is centuries old went on to inform that his mission which is more aligned to the health sector shall be undertaken in a similar fashion go the cooperation in Education that has seen Cairo avail secondary school teachers continuously for the past twelve years.

“Hopefully this cooperation shall extend to other areas in the near future “said Amb Al Amir

On the assortment of medical supplies a talk with head of the Egyptian Medical Mission Dr Sharif Abu al-Hasan, said that the consignment which is a gift from the people and government if Egypt includes pharmaceuticals and related medical supplies.

Dr Sharif Abu al-Hasan who is a Consultant bone Surgeon back home also expressed his delight at being back in Somaliland a country he has visited regularly on official duties while expressing anticipation for the enhanced cooperation between the countries especially in the health sector.

head of the Egyptian Medical Mission to Somaliland Dr Sharif Abu al Hasan says medical supplies from Cairo will be regular

On the other side the Egyptian medical mission to Somaliland shall be an annual event that only pends final streamlining to be finalized in Cairo during the forthcoming visit by the Somaliland health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie

This was revealed by and Egyptian ministry of health official Dr Rihan Niazi who chaperoned the medical donation from Cairo where she is responsible for assessing needs of friendly countries including Somaliland where she undertake similar activities prior to deliver f the consignment.

In further elaboration of the motive behind the increased attention to Somaliland by her country Dr Niazi informed that the medical donation is as part of implementing the new strategic plan of the government in Cairo spearheaded by President El-Sisi in which allies of the Pharaohs shall benefit fully in various sectors.

Egyptian ministry of health official Dr Rihan Niazi stated that future supplies shall be based on request from local medics

Reiterating her colleague, Dr Sharif, the Egyptian ministry of health official who conceded to the fact that the consignment of medical supplies donations is not all encompassing said that the expected visit by health minister Dr Haglatosie to Cairo shall ensure that future shipments are as per the request of local health officials who are better informed on needs.

On the array of diverse products in which the accompanying representatives of EIPICO are introducing in Somaliland, the sole woman in the delegation said “The fact that these companies are part of an official government team indicate the confidence bestowed upon their products which are wholly manufactured in Egypt and distributed worldwide though main client countries are in the middle east and Africa.

Among the visiting Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals Industries Company-EIPICO Consortium which comprises various Cairo based medical products and services providing firms Somalilandsun had the opportunity to meet with officials representing Orchidia Pharmaceuticals, DEVART Lab and El-Shorbagy Medical Supplies Company.

“In just 7 years since its existence Orchidia Pharma has achieved 2nd position in the ophthalmic market in which 45 companies operate while growing by 61%, almost three times faster than the ophthalmic market in Egypt”

This was informed by Tender manager at Orchidia Pharma Dr Mahmud Mohamed who is leading his company’s foray into Somaliland where they are introducing a wide range of their Cairo manufactured Eye drops of which the firm has introduced a wide range to the country.

Mohamed Mahmud of Orchidiia Phramaceutucals

Orchidia Pharma which distributes its products to several African and middle eastern countries has introduced several of these ophthalmic liquids into the local market namely

I. Anti-infective eye drops

II. Anti-inflammatory eye drops

Some of Orchidia products in somaililand

III. Anti-infective/ Anti-inflammatory combination

IV. Anti-allergic eye drops

V. Artificial tear/ eye lubricants and

VI. Eye tonics and Eye vitamins among many others

According to Mr Mohamed Mahmud all the products are manufactured by Orchidia pharmaceuticals in Egypt and distributed to various countries worldwide and hopefully Somaliland shall be the next to benefit from top quality eye medicines.

Devart lab is one of the Egyptian fastest growing pharmaceutical companies with its core activities centred on research-based nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals not to mention an organized Distribution network for products to wholesalers, hospitals and retail pharmacies in Egypt as well as various African and Middle East countries.

Dr Yasser explains Devart Lab sertvices and prodiucts to local investors in hargeisa

As described by Dr Yasser a firm’s representative, while adding that Devart lab is in Somaliland as part of fulfilling its mission of “Expanding presence in health-related sectors around medical care, with the prescription nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals business as the core business”

The Company headquartered in Cairo where it has established itself as the leader in the manufacture of unique and innovative Hematinic pharmaceuticals which coupled with its reach to about 78.3% of physicians of different specialties are benefits being introduced in Somaliland as an extension of its current clientele in Egypt as well as from 52 countries in the middle east and

Devart Lab is reckoned with the treatment of Anaemia and we intend to avail citizens if Somaliland the best “says Dr Yasser

As for El Shorbagy Co which is a Leading medical distributor company with wide range of products in Neurosurgery, Spine surgery, orthopaedics, Cardio Vascular and ENT its range of products shall be availed the local market soon.

Prodiucts Devart lab introducing to Somaliland

This is according to an El-Shorbagy Co representative Eng. Ahmed Issa who revealed that this time around the company is only sizing up the market thus no products are on display at the EIPICO event at Mansoor hotel.

“Though we did not bring any supplies this time we are satisfied with what we have observed and soon the wide range of El-Shorbagy products especially x-ray equipment shall be available in Somaliland.

The entire Egyptian medical mission to Somaliland was thankful to their counterparts in the country for warm reception and more the Egyptian health ministry who facilitated ease of visit.

President el SisiAbdel Fattah El-Sisi, 60, the father of the new look Egypt was elected President last June after staging a coup as army leader that toppled his controversial predecessor Mohammed Morsi — the country’s first elected leader and a member of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi, who like thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters is now in prison, came to power two years after U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in a popular uprising.

Since coming to power, el-Sisi has not only cracked down hard on Islamist extremists but reversed the trend of poor relations with a number of countries that was entrenched by his disposed predecessor Mohammed Morsi among them Ethiopia which the pharaohs almost went to with over construction of the millennium dam and now Somaliland hitherto alienated in favour of its neighbour Somalia.

Apart from the tangible benefits like availability of much needed and top quality medical supplies the rapprochement strategy of President El-Sisi has salient effect on the Somaliland quest for recognition as a sovereign country in lieu to the weight that Egypt carries internationally and more so within the Arab league and organization of Islamic states bodies that the horn Africa country aspires to join.

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