Somaliland: Diaspora in Bristol Honour Income Tax Director for Diligence


Bristol Society rep Mr. Khali hands Director of Income Tax Mohammed Ahmed Mohamud Awid the certificate of appreciation

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somali Society Bristol honoured the local income tax director Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamud Awid with a certificate of appreciation.

In a plaque engraved with the appreciation, the society described the honour bestowed upon the terrestrial taxes executive as having been “based upon his performances, responsibility, honestly, talent and contribution to social achievements”.

While presenting upon the honour, the Bristol Society member Mr. Khalil noted that they were elated to see such feat realized by a top youth executive.

He explained that they were propelled to make the gesture after having view the feat in a Universal TV documentary on the 17th May this year.

He elaborated the fact that the sense of patriotism and belonging is quite well discerned after viewing the film.

On receiving the honour, the youthful tax chief beamed with humbleness and quipped, “It is indeed quite emotional to witness one being saluted without prior acquaintance or lineage strings whatsoever for one’s achievements”.

He added, “This will quite pep us and revitalize our efforts while at the same time boost our morale by lifting up our spirits”.

Present to witness the presentation was the minister of Finance Hon. Zamzam Abdi Aden, Minister of State for Finance Hon. Moamed Adani Sahardeed, the deputy Finance Minister Hon. Ahmed Noor Sha’ir, the DG and several departmental heads.

Minister of State for Finance Hon. Mohamed Adani Sahardeed at the function in Hargeisa The Minister said that they were merely executing the policies spelt out by the Head of State. She appreciated the fact that members of her staff were honoured by standing out through diligence.

Hon. Adani on his part pointed out that the sectional heads and their staff were indeed the mechanical axles that kept the bearings of the engine moving.

On his part Hon. Ahmed Nour underscored the fact that the feat, by extension, was one to be busked in by the entire ministry.

They all, in essence, thanked the Somali Society Bristol for their hence praised Mr. Awad for the achievement.