Somaliland: President’s Long Life Commitment to the People


“President Ahmed Silaanyo has dedicated his whole life to the work of building hope, optimism and opportunity for his people”

By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeisa, Somaliland]

A leader should be judged on the basis of his vision, moral conviction, historical and political credentials. The President of Somaliland Republic is a Living Icon who represents the hope and legitimate aspirations of Somaliland people for ever-lasting freedom, self-determination and independence within the free nations of the world. President Ahmed Silaanyo is pursuing a cause that is valuable and honourable; he has dedicated his whole life to the work of building hope, optimism and opportunity for Somaliland people where, before his administration came to power, too little of either existed. HE President Silaanyo has courage in his heart and compassion in his soul; he is a statesman who is able to convince everyone by his intellect and vision. He has shown the ability to inspire and engage many by blossoming a sense of nationhood, togetherness and nationalistic political awareness of all sorts of people, especially the young people. I believe that all traces from President Ahmed Silaanyo’s life would reveal an integrity and moral high ground that transcends any contradiction.

The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo is steadfastly determined to remain actively involved to all major diplomatic fronts without compromising upon the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the Somaliland Republic as well as the aspirations and self-determination of its people. This government is fully engaged in exploring of all options (socio-economic and diplomatic advancement) to achieve its goals which best meets the needs and challenges facing the people of Somaliland today. Furthermore, the President promotes and encourages tirelessly the values, history and roots we share as a nation as we also cherish the same fate and future. The president stressed countless times that the things that unite us and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that divide us or create social disagreement.

A listening tour of duty across the country

President Ahmed Silaanyo has demonstrated by his deeds, words and actions that he is: a nation builder and true democrat driven by fairness, compassion, care and devotion to duty. The electoral promise and commitment of his government has been beyond compare materialized. The President has developed a strong and positive relationship with the public and mainstream society; offering everybody a shared nationhood, a sense of belonging and equal social justice, regardless of their political colour or affiliation.

In order to get his message and government’s policy across, the President has regularly embarked “a listening tour of duty” across the country. This gave him the opportunity to explore and see in his eyes how the daily lives of his citizen’s looks like and what is happening among his people on street level. It is very fascinating to see the Leader of Our Nation standing close to the ordinary people and hearing their voices and concerns which has definitely boosted the public morale.

In terms of development, confident, credibility and social advancement the current government is on an upward spiral; no one can deny that. The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo has come up with a collective and effective strategy based upon unyielding vision and mission, inspiration and ambition, justice and decisiveness, teamwork and transparency, sincerity and sense of social responsibility, focusing on general public interest rather than specific kith and kin or special inner circle groups. The combination of these moral ethics paved the way and enabled the current government to make possible all these successive achievements.


President Ahmed Silaanyo’s government strives to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring our citizens together, putting emphasis on our shared values, history and common destiny that enables us to pull together as a nation in on hand. On the other hand this government combats everything that divides and breaks up our nation; preventing those factors that cause social conflicts and contributing to inequalities, division and dispute.

Although you may personally not in agreement with all of President Silaanyo’s policy stances and the way in which his government runs the country, I suppose you love your country and you care about your people. That’s why you should support and respect the incumbent as the President of Somaliland Republic freely and fairly elected by the people. We should not bad-mouth him to others (Somaliland enemies) but respect and sustain him as our President. If you have an issue with his policies, take a stand and have your say, use your individual rights granted by the Constitution, start a petition, and get involved in the democratic process.

Long Live and may ALLAH bless the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people

Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeisa, Somaliland]