Is Somaliland Turning Into Fiefdom?


Somalilandsun – A delegation led by party of justice and development [UCID] presidential aspirant for 2015 elections Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein was denied entry into Gebiley region on a working tour, at a check-point in A, Abdulla a dusty village that lies west of the capital on the Hargeisa Wajaale Road.

The presidential aspirant addressing members of the press in his entourage at the scene, ‘As you can see we have been blocked by policemen acting on orders of the ruling party kulmiye that they should not let the opposition party UCID delegation to proceed to their tour of Gebiley Arabsiyo and Tog-Wajaale Towns and we have been informed of the arrest of UCID party chairwoman ”for women affairs of Arabsiyo who has been sent to prison without charge”, Mr. Jamal reminded the ruling party kulmiye, when they were opposition they never allowed the then ruling party UDUB to trample upon their rights as an opposition entity.

He said that just the other day he was refused entry to Egal International Airport where he had gone to receive his UCID party boss Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe who was returning from a tour in U.A.E.

The UCID presidential aspirant threatened to mobilize the masses against the government by protesting over what he called looking of the highest order the meager resources of public funds by ministers of the regime who he accused of building huge palatial residences in the country and abroad as a result of endemic corruption that has engulfed the nation.

He went on to state that patronage, nepotism, clanism, tribalism and outright looting has been the order of the day since the kulmiye party ascent to power.

They are wores than former dictator colonel Mohammed Said Barre.

He ordered the government too immediately and unconditional ally release the four journalists in police custody.

UCID secretary for finance Mrs. Fadumo Said who was in his entourage said that the country is being run by the first lady Amina Weris and office of the president Director for Humanitarian Affairs Mrs.Amina Mohamud Diriye who had threatened her not to set foot at Gebiley region.

She urged the president to resign power he has lost his grasp of power to his clique of confidantes surrounding him.