SOMALILAND: NCRF Politician Accuses Government of Muzzling Press Freedom


By G.A Maher

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun): A politician from the National Consultation and Rectification Forum (NCRF) Mr. Mohamud Hashi Elmi has condemned the arrest of four journalists in Hargeisa.

He said that the journalists had asked permission to hold a demonstration but the government denied them. He claimed that the administration of H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silanyo) is no different from the former dictation regime of Colonel Mohammed Siad Barre, for what Somaliland fought for in the independence struggle is being suppressed by the government.

He alleged that the journalists were not only arrested but that they were also refused food. “We have never witnessed things like this”, he charged.

“They want to silence the media by hiding corrupt practices by public officials that is now rampant”, he added. He said that no amount of intimidation can stop Somaliland people from knowing the truth.