Somaliland: President Sillanyo Made a Visit To Berbera:


Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo

By: Omar. A. Omar “Moyale”
Berbera (Somalilandsun). The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahamed Mahamud (Sillanyo) visit the headquarter of Saahil region, Berbera. The president addresses that the visit was meant to refurbish the port of Berbera and extend the port to about 600 meters and also minor adjustment of previous port.

The report told the Somalilandsun that the extension of the Berbera port has started about a week ago and that the visit was a normal work that supposed to be done. The expansion will be made to take up 400 more containers.
On the other side the main reason for the president’s visit was political movement subject towards the community of Berbera after there is a lot of complains and unfulfilled promises expected from the Berbera residents complaining that the president had not yet fulfilled his pledges since the last election campaign remarks.
The Berbera residents mainly criticizes on the rectification and modification of electricity which president Siilanyo guaranteed during the last election but up to now nothing has been done yet. The other complain was cleaning of Berbera city mainly building and beautification of Berbera port but today Berbera is one of the dirtiest coastal town known. In that case, totally not anything yet rectified for Berbera residents.
The political movement done was due to the fact that the opposition party WADANI had these days made a camp in some of the Saahil region especially in Berbera town, where they had a lot of followers therefore the trip will persuade competition of campaigning exercises to the residents on who will be designated come next general election.
However, the education sector in Berbera is also at a low level compared to other regions. Berbera has one University to undertake marine courses only.
On that case the president Siilanyo assured the Berbera residents that a lot will be done on the matter of corruption that mounts mainly on the side of the port and the ministry of finance in the Saahil region especially Berbera town.