Somaliland: Changes On Memorandum Of Sympathetic Achieved In Awdal Region


By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa(Somaliland sun). According to the news put in the picture by Somaliland sun , The Minister of internal affairs Hon.

Ali Mahamed (Waran Aade) along side with his senior counterparts ministers visited Borama town the headquarter of Awdal Region, towards prominence on misapprehension and the continuing chaos erupted in the region weeks ago. The minister made an official visit after the vice president attended the residents of Borama town strongly condemning on the effect of unrest and acknowledges the population of Awdal region to retain peace and stability in the region the sooner the recovered.
This was after the hired youths prepared mass protest to the public after convinced by Chief Wabar who was alleged to set up the upheaval in the region. The minister condemned that participated youths were under arrest and soon will be transferred to Mandera Maximum Prison and action will be taken amongst those who take part in erecting these pandemonium in the region.
“We came today to avail ourselves as a representative from the government to uphold the accomplishment taken by the nation command and we look upon these kind of disorders can’t turn out again in Awdal region or elsewhere in Somaliland.” Said Ali Mahamed (Waran Aade)
The minister further stated that the nation armed forces currently in the Awdal region would be withdrawn soon to return back to their relevant camps but the government is ready in taking any conscientious act towards maintaining stability and helpful steadiness in all the regions of Somaliland.
However other leading government representatives in company of Waran Aade also call the public in favor of upholding peace and stability in their regions and encourage them not consenting the immoral people whom their work is to meet head-on and construct hullabaloo to the society, instead focusing towards development goals and creating thoughts in lifting or building the nations together.