S0maliland: The Opposition WADANI Party Leader Cirro laments On Agreed Results by Somaliland Anti-corruption Commission Team Scheduled The Ongoing Corruption.


Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Ciro

By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa(Somaliland sun). The speaker of parliament of Somaliland Abdirahman Mahamed Abdillahi (Ciiro) strongly condemned that there are a lot of difficulties on the responsibilities of anti-corruption team at the county levels and that the allocated responsibilities cannot reach the specific provinces of Somaliland.

The speaker told that the elevated matter is excellent and that the work should be done together. This was after the commission tabulated in front of the legislators the misconception going through the anti-corruption commission team.
The opposition leader Ciiro after interviewed by Radio Hirad based in Hargeisa said “According to the law, the government should strengthen three main features including the aspirations, stating regulations and fulfilling its obligations on the planned issues. The law will be prepared by parliament, the commission stating their ambitions and the follow up which should be done by the commission.”
The speaker alleged that the anti-corruption commission team toughly follow up the fraud cases that disperses through regions like Awdal, Gabille, Hargeisa and that the anti-corruption team strongly interviewed many people through the telephone on these ongoing issue of corruption cases.
After the corruption team put on a table the cases of corruption in the regions of Somaliland and on the same issue, Hon. Samsam Abdi Adan also impressively destined on the current corruption cases at the regions level stating that the commission told these frauds in suspicion.
However Hon. Ciiro said “The corruption cases was conventional in written and in video form and that they expresses their effects on activities, uncertainties and that all their cases was fully received by the commission and told before the committee.”

The speaker further said that the reported cases are meant for specific or targeted concerned persons. “It doesn’t mean that the happened tale is for a specific people or a concerned ministry but it really focus on the commission to do its activities and it is told not to embrace but to pursue the strategic effort done by the anti-corruption commission.”
However the speaker finally phrases that the legislators are ready to work hand in hand with the Somaliland anti-corruption commission.