Somaliland: President Silanyo’s Change of Heart to Take Break from Divisive Old days


Somaliland President Ahmed M Silanyo boards a flydubai plane at Egal Int Airport Hargeisa enroute to Dublin/file

By Abdirahman M. Dirye

Somaliland sun – Somaliland foreign policy is a disaster. The past attempts by Somaliland autonomy so far, at the least, to attain global recognition that is to achieve full membership of IGADD, African Union, and United Nations failed for variety of reasons: for lack of incoherent policies, absence of diplomatic cadres, and domestic polices contradictory to external one. When the foreign policies dictate free press, the rule of law, and effective institutions, but the reality is different and troubling: crackdown on journalists, dismantling and ransacking press houses is the norm.

Over the past five years, for lack of diplomatic tools, people were told the same cheap reasons for rejection: Sheikh Hasan of Somalia doesn’t want division or the first lady of that country doesn’t belong to us. But the clichés and the same sound bites are no longer sellable. An exit strategy must be found and obstacles must be smashed. I hope Amb. Awil veteran and career writer would do the job once be held by average although it’s not a job for layman. This job isn’t for bookish, childish, flip floppers we’ve seen in the last five years alone. Somaliland needs people like Prof. Abdi Samatar.

Any foreign ministerial nominations for clannish purposes during Silanyo’s reign backfired on Somaliland future so good for you to desist that path to fiasco.

Having good impression about Somaliland dancing in YouTube channels in Democratic shorts in Butaani Cafe, foreigners send evaluation team, and immediately face bitter reality: little freedom, and absence of upholding the law.

However, lack of ties was devastating for ordinary masses who want to travel to other countries to study, trade, and visit for advanced medical treatment.

More confusing is that Somaliland has not a just colonial borders left intact by British administration but also its partner is politically weak not in position to lobby against Somaliland initiatives in the global arena. Independent experts argue that Somaliland case has merit given the historical background thus is dozen times more likely get recognized than its peers from South Sudan to East Timor. President Silanyo acting in “good faith” opened talks with Somalia in Turkey, pro-unionist country that declared it wants Somalia remains united for all ‘good’ reasons despite popular reluctance from the mobs, and ex-warriors of Red Flag wing of the guerilla movement that liberated Somaliland.

24-year-old Somaliland’s dream to go alone and join family of nations remains a pipedream. Sa’ad Shire Somaliland’s foreign policy coordinator, newly appointed person, recalled Somaliland liaison representatives from dozen countries to brainstorm of the best possible way to gain recognition. The outcome he summarized oversimplistic manner “you know why the world turned down our case for consideration because of Somalia holds us down!” admitting Somalia defeated them diplomatically.

Musa Behi the Somaliland president in waitingPresident’s nomination of Ambassador Awil Du’ale shows his leadership style that he realizes who can do something and who can’t. Finally, he couldn’t ignore his instinct that says Awil is capable of turning around the messy diplomatic situation left behind inexperienced mobs. The president also must nominate veteran Du’ale ‘ Ina Dhola Yare’ whose expertise and performance in diplomacy was shining.

Thanks to Ambassador Awil for his acceptance of offer with humility and respect for his nation, as he said in Geeska Africa he sacrificed your life to Somaliland at the age of 20 by doing coup d’état albeit failed, “there’s no natural a nimosity in politics between the two of us ( me and him or Awil and Silanyo or our two*ribes) {unless you’re naïve}.” “Our disagreement shortlived but preceded by three-decade-old friendship” he concluded in his interview to Geeska Africa. President shown that he can put difference aside to let diverse folks work together towards attaining common goal.

My recommendations for Somaliland to come up with pragmatic solutions: be Somaliland for itself where Slanders live as they want without any fear from anyone or a place where theocracy is declared and democracy is banned. It can’t have both ways, impossible.

The symbolic changes of sacking bunch of people and appointing others alone won’t have much impact on the overall situation. It needs strategy and teamwork. Many thanks to the President for his massive dismissal for personalities whose main job being mere accusations and counteraccusation.

To unshackle himself and discharge himself of his party duties, get enough time to do what was elected, and to think properly and see the bigger picture of how far Somaliland reversed , president passed on the Kulmiye’s keys along with chairs and kettles to his rightful inheritor Muse Bihi, it was a right decision.

Somaliland needs people like Buuba, Fawsiya Adan, and Ina Dhola Yare to turn the tide around and revitalize Somaliland’s dwindling diplomacy, well done Mr. President. The nomination of a man of integrity and diplomatic finesse stuns the world but the endgame is obvious. We need most experienced person for the enormous job, not for the average dude, you did the right thing Mr. president! Your determination soon will change your legacy, grandchildren will applaud how serious you were in your dealings with ‘ insurmountable’ challenges Somaliland faces day in and day out.

Somaliland needs leaders like her daughter Fozia Haji Yusuf Aden seen here with UN SEc General Ban Ki  moonGive up you don’t gonna make it, Somaliland opponents say but the President seem more determined than ever by cleaning up the closet.

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