Somaliland: “The time has Come to Unleash the Somali Power”


Says Fozia Haji Aden as she agitates for the amalgamation of the Somaliland and Somalia armies

Fozia Yusuf Haji Adan says a united Somalia is the way and only way forward1

Somaliland sun – – Former Foreign Minister of Somalia, Fozia Haji Aden, believes that the time has come to reunite Somalia and Somaliland. In a recent interview with Horn Cable TV, she said, “There must be a strategy for a proposed power sharing [between the two countries]. So Somaliland can say this is what we want and, equally, Somalia can say this is what we want.”

“It is about a time that Somalinimo (Somalism) be promoted again and reunited the Somali power and the two armies. The talks must be reopened, because let’s talk means let’s reach an agreement.”

“Somalia MPs [in Mogadishu] from Somaliland should be part of the talks. We have never participated in the talks, which have been going on for some time – it was always between the government[s] of Somalia and Somaliland although nothing serious happened.”

She also explained the issues faced by Mogadishu administration vis-à-vis with the lack of a recognised banking system and the closure of Somalia embassies. “We closed the embassies, because of financial difficulties. We had 50 embassies, but we had to close 18 of them,” she said. “It is very difficult to maintain the embassies when you do not have an internationally recognised banking system and there is no one that is helping you. We are still behind because we still use Hawala. We can neither develop resources nor attract investment because of security concerns.”

When asked whether she will be running for the president in Somalia in 2016, she said that she is not going to be a presidential candidate. “The only reason that I opened for the party [National Democratic Party] is to correct and promote positive role models, because I have experience in leading a political party [in Somaliland] and in here [Somalia] they did not have political parties for 47 years.”

Fosia Haji Aden was the chair of NDP, which had failed to become a political party in Somaliland, before she defected to Somalia. Transcribed from the Horn cable Interview by Toosh News

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