Somaliland: The Independent State-Video


Somaliland sun – According to Tom Voyage who visited Somaliland and produced a great documentary on his journey “When most people think of Somalia they associate it with the only areas the national media cover, the pirates , extremists , famine and war”

Well, it is true for the most parts including the capital Mogadishu. However, there are some parts striving to make peace and live in harmony. In the north of the country lies the self declared independent state of Somaliland and it’s been fighting for recognition since the 1960’s.

Since then it has managed to have its own visa, currency, police force and even access to reliable internet. It has a large livestock market were hundreds of camels, sheep, goats can be bought and sold.

Tom Voyage enters SomalilandWhilst driving inside Somaliland, tourists are required to be accompanied by armed guards outside the capital of Hargeisa because of the damage of potential kidnapping of a foreign tourists would have to its increasing reputation. Some of the beautiful sites include the virgin breast mountains.

Historic cave paintings that was discovered in 2002 and estimated to have been created over 10000 years ago located halfway between Hargeisa and Berbera well worth a visit. It is now considered to be some of the oldest and best preserved examples of rock art in the world. The beautiful beach in Berbera is also one of the beautiful sites. Somaliland also has its important monuments including the independent monument built to symbolize Somaliland assumed independence from the rest of Somalia.

Hargeisa war memorial is another important monument located in the centre of the town called freedom square. It was put there when Somalia air force was crushed nearby, dedicated to the 50000 causalities of the attacks on Hargeisa in 1988 by Siad Barre.

The areas around monuments are always busy as if people were always proud to look up at them and you could really feel the sense of community spirits among the locals.

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Scenic HargeisaTranscribed by Pendo Mwajuma from a Tom Voyage Films documentary Titled Somaliland the Independent State