Somaliland: President Silanyo En-route to Parley US Officials in Washington DC


 “The president visits Washington at a time when the world is becoming increasingly aware of Somalilanders irrevocable sovereignty” Dr Omar

From left Dr Omar Mr Hirsi Ali First lady Amina Weris and President Silanyo in London before departure to USA

By: Yusuf M Hasan

LONDON (Somalilandsun) – A government delegation led by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is expected to hold high level talks with US government officials in Washington DC and elsewhere in the USA.

This was revealed by the foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar at London’s Heathrow airport during departure to USA of the president led entourage composed of the FM, First lady Amina Weris and Presidency Minister

According to Dr Omar the president is visiting the US following an official invitation by the Obama administration that was conveyed in February by US envoy in Nairobi Kenya Ambassador Ropert F. Godec during a meeting while the President was en-route to London.

During the US visit president Silanyo is expected to hold talks with government officials. Members of congress, International development agencies as well as American Somalilanders from all walks of life

The Foreign minister who is optimism of the visits success attributed the high spirits to recent diploForeign minister Dr Omar says world more aware of Somaliland nowmatic achievements garnered by Somaliland following various international forays by president Silanyo to Turkey, UAE and Britain where discussions ensued with ranking officials in governments of these countries.

The optimism was also in display during the foreign minister’s address to British Somalilanders in London where he informed that the international community is slowly engaging Somaliland at all levels be it in investment, bi-lateral relations etc.

Dr Omar attributed enhanced diplomacy by the president Silanyo administration to the realization by the international community that Somaliland though unrecognized was serene and a class apart from other well established neighbouring countries

Before travelling to London where he met with British PM David Cameron  President Silanyo had been in Turkey where dialogue with Somalia concluded with the seven point Ankara Communique which is an overt recognition of Somaliland’s sovereignty by Somalia.

While this is the first time for president Silanyo to visit the USA on an official capacity since assuming office in mid-2010 it comes a day after he announced that Somaliland is boycotting the 7th May London conference on Somalia thus an outward rejection of a British government request to the contrary

Watch the foreign minister announcing the departure to Washington DC