Somaliland –In Thrashing out the Somalia Differences


President Hasan of Somalia L and resident Silanyo of Somaliand during the meeting in TurkeyEditorial

Somalilandsun – For the umpteenth time, we herein spell it out once again, (and quite vividly at that) that as concerns the Somali-political quagmire from all angles and at all quarters, there should be no minced words about it.

Thus, in thrashing out the SL/Somalia (or other Somali factorial issue) differences, no qualms should be dotted about the basic issues and facts that abounds thereof. The truth stark out clearly with due promiscuousity.

It beats the mind when a small, simple, logical and legal fundamental fact is overlooked, misplaced, or contorted for ulterior motives.

Given the fact that the unfaithful “union” between here and the south never materialized because: –

• No union whatever took place legally at any one point.

• The lack of (or un-signing of) the Charter of the Union legally rendered the “union” (quotes are purposeful) illegal in all constitutional (internal and international) contexts.

• It can safely be argued that all foreign investments made during the illegal union periods in Somaliland is technically null and void.

(Perhaps it is most likely that former Somalia regimes were against local and foreign investments in SL because of point 3 above!)

Taking the above issues (only as starters), is it not confounding as to why there should be any cries of hues in the first place? Is our argument herein not tangible, especially crediting our assertion as to the fact that our talks with the southerners is only that appertaining to future good neighbourliness, bilateral relations and any common goals as at par with/to standards of international community of nations? That all there is to the future talks about is accepting the obvious by owning up (by southerners) of their irresponsibility hence come to terms with the un-solemnized illegal marriage as something redundant?

Given the situation quos, we reiterate our invocation that discussing non-entities or unbinding issues is a cause in futility.

In thrashing our differences with Mogadishu, we should be bold enough and hammer home issues straight, without second thoughts.

If it is true that, for instance, Berbera port has been projected in Somalia’s 2013/14 annual budget, then is it not bordering to something tantamount to declaration of war?

While we would not dare do anything to make it difficult for future SL/Somalia talks, we can not sit back and palpate un-commonsensical darts thrown our boarding way.

Viewing the website wars and battles and offensives declared and surged upon us, then we won’t be surely worth any iota of our essence if we just gulp and gape.

London knows about our position better than anyone. It’s as to thus that they never invited us for the may 7th roundtable in the first place.

We should stop weaving and intertwining webs whose strands are untenable. Somalilanders should know better than all hence support the Head of State in our endeavors.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English language newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group-DMG