Somaliland: President Silanyo Asserts Irreversible Statehood


“Talks or no Talks our Sovereignty is neither for discussion nor Compromise” Silanyo

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) –

The irrevocability of Somaliland’s sovereignty has been categorically reiterated by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo.

During festivities commemorating the 52 anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain President Silanyo informed Somalilanders that “Somaliland’s statehood is not up for discussion or compromise”

the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo who hosted over 5000 guests at the presidency in Hargeisa where the activities were aired live by the state owned SLNTV and HCTV also said 26th June will always remain dear to Somalilanders as the day the country attained independence from Britain in 1960 thus one never to be forgotten.

The president’s over 5000 invited guest from all walks of life included 1st lady Amina Weris, Ex-president Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin, Former first lady’s Huda Bharkad and Kaltun Haji Dahir, opposition political party leaders, parliamentarians from Guurti and house of representatives, service chiefs, traditional leaders, National organization of women-NOW etc., among others

Before entertaining his guests at the presidency and viewers worldwide the president launched festivities with a speech that mostly dwelt on the irrevocable statehood of the nation as well as talks with neighbouring Somalia. The president also briefed on the circumstances that led to the fateful union with Italian Somalia five days after independence from Britain.

Below are verbatim excerpts of President Silanyo’s Speech:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I extend my congratulations to you all Somalilanders, both here at the presidency and viewing worldwide on this auspicious occasion of celebrating the day our country attained its independence from its former colonial master Britain 52 years ago.

During the lengthily period when our country was a protectorate of Britain, we and other Somali speakers everywhere desired for independence from various colonial masters and yearned for unity in a country that brings all of them together under one administration. This yearning is directly responsible for the union Somaliland entered into with Somalia on 1st July 1960 five days after our independence on 26th June 1960.

Prior to this union the British government advised we, strongly, against rushing into any union until such a time as Somaliland stands firmly on its feet as nation with a strong and well established government. The then prevalent yearnings for unity of all Somali speakers made us turn a deaf ear to the British advice.

We are all aware of the ills that befell our country from the hasty union we entered with Somalia, a union that took a long time and numerous difficulties especially loss of lives, properties and dislocation of our people to get out of. The entanglement from the union came after a lengthily armed struggle that culminated in Burao where we reclaimed Somaliland’s sovereignty in 1991.

Following the costly reclamation of our independence and in view of Somalilanders desire for self-rule, we do hereby ask the world to respect our people’s decision and recognize Somaliland as a free country with full membership at the United Nations.

We do hereby also inform that a lot of interests in the Horn of Africa region are directly tied to stability in Somaliland.

At the same time, though these issues are also related to our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Somalia, a neighbouring country that we are prepared to engage in dialogue, we wish to stress on the fact that , Talks Or No Talks Our Sovereignty Is Neither For Discussion Nor Compromise,

The 26th June commemorations which are an annual reminder of the day we gained independence and dignity of self-rule from Colonial Britain, is a day we will never forget”

We once again inform the world that Somaliland is an independent country, with a full democratic system of governance, operation state organs, and secure boundaries and most important a people living in harmony and unanimity of sovereignty. End of speech

The festivities at the presidency ended at around 11 pm