Somaliland: Statehood not for discussion-Silanyo


“It’s a great day today and never to be forgotten” President Silanyo

As festivities commemorating the 52nd day of independence from Britain continue in various parts of the country and Diaspora the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo is hosting over 5000 guests at the presidency in Hargeisa.

Though the head of state had a tight schedule today he also took the time to tweet a message of hope to Somalilanders. In his tweet the president informed

“It’s a great day today and the citizens of Somaliland should know, that Somaliland’s statehood is not up for discussion or compromise”

An earlier presidential tweet read

“Happy independence day Somalilanders the day our country gained independence from Colonial Britain 26 June, it’s a day we will never forget”

Meanwhile festivities are ongoing at the presidency in Hargeisa where The guests of the president among them Ex-president Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin, Former first lady’s Huda Bharkad and Kaltun Haji Dahir, opposition political party leaders, parliamentarians from Guurti and house of representatives, service chiefs, traditional leaders etc. Are being/have been entertained by members of the national troupe, comedians etc. from all over Somaliland.

The event can be viewed live through Somaliland national TV-SLNT and HCTV channels by those with access to satellite dishes.